Jeb Bush Tells His Beloved Hispanic Culture To Go Back To Mexico

He was only wearing it for a costume, he swears.

Jeb J.E.B. el Bush, which foot have you sticked up your ass, pulled out, and then rammed down your throat now? Was it your American voter foot, or your Hispanic voter foot? Alas and Ay Dios mio, the answer is both. Here is a thing Jeb! said to a voter in Cedar Falls, Iowa:

We should not have a multicultural society .... When you create pockets of isolation, and in some cases, the assimilation process has been retarded because it's slowed down, it’s wrong. It limits people’s aspirations. ... We're creeping toward multiculturalism, and that's the wrong approach.

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OH REALLY, JEB? Now, certain corners of the liberal internet are pouncing on this and saying "Jeb said retarded!" And it is true, he DID say that word (which Sarah Palin may or may not get upset about, if she can take Donald Trump's dick out of her mouth long enough), but that is not the point, gentle Wonkeputian souls, it is not the point at all.

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Because wasn't Jeb, JUST LAST WEEK, rolling out a whole new Latino outreach, where he was talking in the Spanishes, and his wife Columba was talking in the Englishes, about how Hispanic culture is "very important and positive"? Wasn't he just saying his BEYOOOTIFUL Hispanic kids and Hispanic grandkids were proof that he is the president of the Mexicanos, hoy y mañana? And wasn't he inviting us to all celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with him? And wasn't he doing all of this out of the window of a TACO TRUCK, FOR FUCK'S SAKE?

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Guess he's not so excited about Hispanic heritage after all. :( We can just see the fight at the Bush casa on Oct. 15, when Hispanic Heritage Month ends, and Jeb lazily saunters down the stairs and orders Columba to put the piñatas and the sombreros in the attic until next year.

The point of all this is that Jeb's perpetual problem is that he wants general election credit for not hating browns (LOOK AT MY FAMILY!), but he knows he can't go completely overboard with it, due to how Republican primary voters are racist bigots all het up about Mexican rapists and "anchor babies." (And apparently they haven't gotten Jeb's message that it's only an "anchor baby" if it's the Chinese or Japanese type of Mexican immigrant.)

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So on he goes, fucking up at every turn, alternating between shouting Olé! at random passersby, and telling his wife to go back to Mexico. We'd say he was failing upward, but LOL, there is no "upward" in this story.

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