Jen Psaki Is Finished With You Now

We are on the 14th day of Joe Biden's presidency, and we are still not used to this whole "press secretary does press briefings every day, is not completely full of shit" thing. Sure, there is spin, because there is supposed to be spin, that is how these things work. But what there isn't is utter bullshit and lies that are just irredeemably easy to factcheck in real time.

What's fun, though, is that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is really starting to get her feet planted in the position, and show us how she deals with crap from reporters who are being idiots because A) they are idiots, or B) they are paid by wingnut networks to be idiots.

During Monday's press briefing, Psaki got a question from CBS News's Ed O'Keefe, and it was a dumb question, and both O'Keefe and the question should feel dumb.

O'KEEFE: There are Democrats who are seeing that the first meeting the president is having face-to-face with lawmakers is with Republicans and not Democrats. Why is the White House doing that?

O RLY? Are the Democrats who are seeing that very mad? Was it a whole thing? Was it the buzz of Washington, that Joe Biden was meeting with GOP senators about his stimulus, like nine seconds before it was announced that the Democrats were saying fuck it and would do Biden's preferred stimulus through reconciliation?

Psaki was just curious.

PSAKI: Are there any specific Democrats you want to call out?

O'KEEFE: No, but there's been talk about it, there's concern ...

PSAKI: Just people talkin' about it in hallways? OK.

Translation: STFU, dick. Nobody cares, Democrats don't care, please see yourself out.

President Biden and Psaki released a statement last night about that meeting with Republicans, in which they said Biden listened to Republicans and their milquetoast crap plan, reaffirmed that he wants to do his actually helpful COVID relief package, and is fine doing that through reconciliation. We are sure Ed O'Keefe has heard some people talking in hallways about how upset they are about that. Maybe he will ask about it later today, before Psaki asks him to see himself out again.

Psaki's briefing started with her LOL-ing at idiots on conservative Twitter who were apparently mad at her last week because she always says she's going to "circle back" when she doesn't fully know the answer to a question they ask. This does represent a marked departure from how Sean Spicer, Kayleigh McEnany and Future Arkansas Governor LieLoud McNoChicken, who would just, you know, lie.

In response, Sean Hannity's website whined that Psaki "confused millions of Americans" when she said she was going to "disappoint conservative Twitter" by "circling back." Thoughts and prayers to Sean Hannity's website, in this trying and confusing time.

Finally, there was this moment, when Psaki just completely negated the existence of the disgraced former "Apprentice" host who cosplayed as America's 45th president. A reporter asked if Donald Trump's lifetime Twitter ban was making their jobs easier in the White House, we guess since it seems to have taken away his only hobby and his spirit, which means he isn't using what few platforms he has left to yell and scream about things and just generally annoy us all.

PSAKI: This may be hard to believe. We don't spend a lot of time thinking about or talking about President Trump here, former President Trump, to be very clear.

In other words, "Who? Don't know him, sorry." Go ask Republicans, she said, adding, "I can't say we miss him on Twitter."

Neither do we.

Does President Biden have any opinions on the Trump Twitter ban? That's Twitter's decision, said Psaki. They're busy doing important things at the Biden White House. Don't really have time to worry about things like that.

At least some ways, it is indeed a new day.

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