Jerry Falwell Jr. Suing Liberty University For ... Not Humiliating Him Enough Already Is Our Guess

Jerry Falwell Jr. Suing Liberty University For ... Not Humiliating Him Enough Already Is Our Guess

This past summer, Jerry Falwell Jr. followed in the footsteps of so, so many other prominent evangelists before him — Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggart, Bill Gothard, Josh Duggar, Jim Bakker, Tony Alamo, Bill Hybels, just to name a few — by becoming embroiled in a sex scandal. To his credit, unlike some of the others, his scandal was at least consensual, but like all the others he was expected to go away for a little while. But rather than go in the direction of Jimmy "I Have Sinned Against You" Swaggart the first time he got caught buying sex ...

he's decided to emulate Jimmy Swaggart the second time he got caught buying sex. The time when he decided that God actually said it's none of anyone's business if he wants to do that. Falwell Jr. is fighting back.

Now he's suing Liberty University, the evangelical college his father founded and that he had led for the last 13 years, for humiliating him by pressuring him to resign after news got out that he was being "blackmailed" by his former pool boy Giancarlo Granda. Granda had been having an affair with Falwell Jr.'s wife Becki, but also said that Fallwell Jr. liked to watch them get down — and showed Reuters several emails that proved this.

Via NBC:

In a complaint in state court in Lynchburg, Virginia, Falwell's lawyers alleged that Liberty defamed Falwell and breached the former president's contract.

"Mr. Falwell has suffered damage to his reputation, damage to his profession, humiliation, and anguish; lost business opportunities; and suffered other pecuniary damage," according to the plaintiff's complaint.

Liberty University "would need to read and review a lawsuit before making comment, and as of this moment we have not been served," the school's senior vice president and spokesman, Scott Lamb, said in a statement to NBC News on Thursday.

The lawsuit did not ask for a specific dollar figure sought in damages.

Far be it from me to defend Liberty University, but it seems like Jerry Falwell Jr. humiliated his own self and did not require any help from them. Like, of all of the ways Jerry Falwell Jr. was humiliated in this whole scenario, that is probably last on the list — especially since they kept him on last year after it came out that he was going around showing everyone naked pictures of his wife.

While they are not included as a defendant in the lawsuit, Falwell accused the Lincoln Project of orchestrating his downfall, because of how they are an "anti-evangelical force."

While the lawsuit lists only Liberty University as a defendant, the complaint accuses the Lincoln Project, an organization of Republican political operatives who oppose President Donald Trump, and one of the group's senior advisers, Kurt Bardella, of backing Granda.

"When Mr. Falwell and his family became the targets of a malicious smear campaign incited by anti-evangelical forces, Liberty University not only accepted the salacious and baseless accusations against the Falwells at face value, but directly participated in the defamation," according to the lawsuit.

Falwell's position, still, is that Granda was only having an affair with his wife and that he was not involved — but given the fact that Granda showed the emails to Reuters, the accusations are far from baseless.

The man ran a school where students are not allowed to drink, have premarital sex, or even be alone with someone of the opposite sex. A school which once had on-campus conversion therapy. It would just be weird for him to stay on there as if nothing happened and the whole world did not know about his cuckold fetish. To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a fetish so long as it is all consensual.

There is, however, something very wrong with going around all day telling other people what kinds of sex they are allowed to have, and then coming home to watch your wife bang the pool boy.


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