Jerry Falwell Jr. has had a change of heart. See, back in October he sued Liberty University for defamation, alleging that his former employers had been cahootsing with the Lincoln Project and other "anti-evangelical forces" to ruin his good name.

No, we didn't make that up! Read it for yourself.

First Jerry Falwell Instagrammed that lovely photo of himself drinking "black water" with his wife's assistant. Then a pool boy with whom he and his wife had been keeping company gave reporter Aram Roston a whole mess of texts and recordings which sure implied that Falwell had been a willing observer of his wife's dalliances. And then, after the Liberty Board demanded Falwell's resignation as university president, David Nasser, Liberty's head of Spiritual Development, gave an address to the student body in which he said, "We open the semester with a series of revelations about Jerry Falwell that can only be described as shameful. That's OK, by the way, to say it. It's OK to call sin, sin. Paul says in Ephesians: Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness but rather, expose them. It is shameful to even mention what a disobedient do in secret. But everything exposed by the light becomes visible."

And that right there is defamation, at least according to Ol' Jerry.

Or it was, until this week when he decided that he was just too bored with the whole thing to bother going forward with discovery. Which has nothing whatsoever to do with his wish to avoid answering questions about the truth or falsity of the allegations under oath. Perish the very thought! Jerry just needs a "time out."

"I've decided to take a time out from my litigation against Liberty University, but I will continue to keep all options on the table for an appropriate resolution to the matter," he said, as first reported by the Virginia News & Advance.

So on Wednesday Lynchburg Circuit Court Judge James Watson granted Falwell's request for "nonsuit." Which sounds like something swingers do before mixing it up with handsome young men they met on vacation in Florida, but is actually the legal term for dismissal without prejudice in Virginia. You only get one nonsuit, and then they don't let you file again — it prevents plaintiffs wandering in and out of court like voyeurs afraid to commit to a case.

Anyway! Falwell and Liberty both agree that Jerry took off his suit took his suit off the docket for free, and the failure to proceed to discovery "was not prompted by any payments, promises, or other consideration."

"The University's administration and Board of Trustees are pleased that Falwell has dropped his lawsuit and look forward to pressing onward with the work of Liberty's President and Chancellor Search Committee to find the new leadership to succeed Falwell," Liberty spokesman Scott Lamb said.

No doubt they wish him the best in all his future ... unsuitings.

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