Jesus-Constitution Painting Guy Has New Painting, Minus Jesus


Did Da Vinci have trailers for his paintings, you ask? No. But that I-talian bastard has nothing on Jon McNaughton, who, you will remember, gave the world that lovely painting last year depicting Jesus delivering his freelance Constitution to the People. Jon McNaughton has REDEFINED art itself. And now art is dumb paintings of American presidents milling about while Obama stands on some Constitution debris.

We don't even know if we can blog about this painting. It might be too controversial.

Why didn't Obama notice he had a Constitution stuck to his shoe when he left the restroom stall? Why doesn't he notice the DOZENS of president zombies behind him? Why doesn't he notice James Madison is trying to do a team-building trust exercise with him?

And why is George W. Bush looking at nothing in particular as he slyly points at James Madison's butt? And why are Clinton and the Roosevelts looking at nothing in particular, as they applaud?

As with all great art, it's open to interpretation. But scholars probably agree that this is what it would look like if all the presidents just finished having an orgy and realized there was a guy over there on the bench watching them the whole time, being grossed out. [Jon McNaughton]


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