Joe Barton Sent Around This Dumb PowerPoint To Republicans

Joe Barton Sent Around This Dumb PowerPoint To Republicans

Republican caucus! Republican caucus! Look what Joe Barton made! He put together a slideshow about how he will be the best Energy and Commerce chairman ever. He worked really hard on it, as you can see from the slide above comparing the denying of access to health care to being the good guys in World War II, so someone should print this out and put it on the fridge.

Here are "The Facts." There are seven (7) facts in the entire universe:

You know, facts. This is the second time in our nation's history that Republicans have held power in Congress, for example.

Obviously a GOP member of Congress leaked this to the press because Barton made a mistake: He wrote "You need your best team on the field from Day One" under "The Answers" and wrote "You want your best people on the field from Day One" on the "In a Nutshell" slide. So he plagiarized his own slide within the same PowerPoint, but it's worth saying twice: You want/need to use sports metaphors even when your opponents are pretty much Nazis and fascists and Imperial Japan, like in those cool war movies. [WP via Gawker]


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