Joe Biden Drinking Out Of Misandrist 'MALE TEARS' Mug In Child Tax Credit Speech

Joe Biden Drinking Out Of Misandrist 'MALE TEARS' Mug In Child Tax Credit Speech

When Tyrant Joe Biden began his speech today announcing most American families with kids under 18 would be getting their first installment of the paid-monthly expanded Child Tax Credit, a baby in the audience started to wail, from being in the presence of tyranny, probably. "It's okay," Joe Biden snarled, snarlingly, "Let 'im cry."

Probably so he could drink his MALE TEARS! And not just that, but with only one hand.

OH HOHOHOH everything is stupid.

On the real, though, "it's okay, let him cry, or her, whatever" is a feminist — not misandrist — act. I'm having a (false?) memory of Ann Richards or Molly Ivins talking about how women with kids couldn't really go to political events, because the baby might start crying. Until someone did, and whoever was talking said, "It's okay, let him cry." Googling does not confirm this memory, and tweeting at Ann Richards's daughter Cecile Richards hasn't confirmed anything either. (Journalism!) But it's too good a story not to be true, and it's too true a story not to be good.

Anyway, if it was anybody, it seems like it'd be them. Unless it was Dolores Huerta. Or oooooh, maybe it was Nancy Pelosi and her healthy passel of kids.

"Let him cry, or her, whatever." How many women are still cut off from public spaces because their babies might disturb people? We sentimentalize "motherhood: the hardest job in the world." Republicans cry great tears about our (white) birthrate, and how Millennials need to take out their IUDs and hand over their uteruses for the good of the state. But we don't actually do anything as a society to either make mothering easier, or encourage young people to get their babymakers out. Now that I think about it, "it's okay, let him cry" could very well have been Elizabeth Warren, still waiting for her Aunt Bee.

The child tax credit, expanded both in how much it gives ($3000 to $3600 instead of $2000) and to whom (it will now go to people who were too poor to receive it before), is about to lift millions of children out of poverty with just one simple trick: a $250 or $300 a month check. Well-paid child care, hopefully, is on the way. Parenting will get just a bit easier for most people, and a LOT easier for those who need it most.

It's a happy day. And even happier with those male tears.

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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