Joe Biden Most Popular Joe Biden In History Of Joe Bidens

Very big news on President Joe Biden's approval rating, and it's that he is the most popular Joe Biden in the history of Joe Bidens.

A new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows that Biden has his highest approval rating to date, and it is 63 percent. Yes, even in this insanely polarized country, almost two-thirds of Americans think he's just doing a swell job. On top of that, fully 71 percent of Americans approve of Biden's response to the coronavirus.

But listen to this Dems in Disarray shit. Biden has a 96 percent approval among Democrats, and also 96 percent from Dems specifically on coronavirus. You'd expect Republicans to equally hate Biden in the other direction, right? Except no. Indeed, 23 percent of Republicans approve of him as a president, and 47 percent of them approve of his handling of the coronavirus.

Biden's getting high marks in other areas too: 62 percent on healthcare, 57 percent on the economy. The only places Americans are idiots — and by "idiots" we mean brainwashed by rightwing lie media — are that he is only getting 43 percent on immigration and 47 percent on gun policy. We guess his policy of "send caravans across border to grab everybody's guns and throw all the guns they just grabbed back across the border" isn't going over so well. Can't win 'em all. (That said, Heather Cox Richardson notes in her newsletter that Americans might be wanting Biden to be tougher on gun control, as recent polling shows 64 percent of Americans support tougher gun laws.)

But overall, he's kicking ass.

Bet Kevin McCarthy is glad he's spending all this time unpersoning Liz Cheney for failing to appropriately bow her head in awe before the Great Trump, who never managed to hit a 50 percent approval during his entire presidency, because of how normal Americans loathe him. Kevin's got his stinky li'l finger right on the pulse of what America wants! (Humorously enough, Politico Playbook is full of gossip today about how a bunch of House Republicans — and they clarify they do not just mean Adam Kinzinger sorts of people — are griping behind Kevin's back about what a weenus of a leader he's turned out to be and saying he has no backbone.)

Another data point: 54 percent of Americans think things are heading in the right direction. So that's good-ish!

We've said it before, but it's almost like people like presidents who do things, regardless of whether they are "bipartisan" or not, Joe Manchin. Perhaps if they had only polled the gremlins in Chuck Todd's underwear, Biden would have gotten lower marks for not being "bipartisan," but the gremlins in Chuck Todd's underwear are not American voters, Joe Manchin.

This has been a blog post about Joe Biden's great big large huge approval rating, Joe Manchin.

[AP/NORC poll]

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