Joe Biden Slaps Trump Upside Head At His RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED CNN Town Hall

joe biden
Joe Biden Slaps Trump Upside Head At His RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED CNN Town Hall

Joe Biden once again showed what a real president is supposed to look like at his CNN town hall Thursday. He was informed, empathetic, a functioning adult. He was everything President Herd Mentality was not during his ABC train wreck Tuesday.

Anderson Cooper moderated the town hall in Moosic, Pennsylvania, not far from Biden's boyhood home, which we're not sure if you were aware was in Scranton. It was a drive-in format, so people wouldn't die. We know Biden performed well, because conservative media insisted the former vice president was treated with “kid gloves" and the "softball" event wasn't going to prepare Biden for the debates. The other day, they claimed Trump was “ambushed" by ninjas posing as undecided voters, so it's not like this paper tiger is going to maul Biden when they finally face each other. The president can't even handle Dr. Ellesia Blaque, the greatest woman in the world, who told Trump to shut his stupid mouth and let her finish speaking.

Fox News contributor Dan Bongino whined on Sean Hannity's show that CNN's town hall "should be an in-kind contribution to the Biden campaign."

BONGINO: Compare what happened to him, to what happened to Trump.

If you insist: Trump was asked serious questions and responded with mental fart noises. Biden actually assembled words into sentences that weren't just lies and paranoid delusions separated by the occasional comma. He nailed Trump for deliberately downplaying the threat of COVID-19, which led to the deaths of almost 200,000 Americans ... so far. Biden was almost overcome with rage when discussing how Trump had reportedly called service members “losers" and “suckers."

Disgraced pervert Bill O'Reilly suggested that the debate was rigged because Biden was somehow aware of current events from the past six months. That could've only happened if he'd been fed questions in advance and memorized them all, as people with dementia can so easily do.

One of many bizarre moments from Trump's town hall was when he criticized Biden for not imposing a national mask mandate. Biden isn't president of anything right now, but he has consulted with lawyers about whether he could order people to cover their stupid faces. Last night, he said he'd require masks on federal property but would work with governors and mayors to encourage them to pass mask mandates. He wouldn't make a joke about it and resist wearing masks around others, as Trump does.

Politico noted that Trump's town hall "was an icy grilling," but Biden's "was more like an affable reunion of old acquaintances." Trump no longer has his "outsider" advantage from 2016 when no one took his bullshit seriously. He's the sitting president, and the world's on fire (literally). You'll forgive voters for getting cranky with him.

Biden is also a better retail politician than Trump. He remembers people's names and connects with them on a personal level. The president can't even successfully pull that off with Donald Trump Jr. Biden recognized Bill Barrett, police chief and Wilkes-Barre City Council member, who wanted to know how Biden will handle the "growing violence in cities" and "the lack of respect for police and the military."

I question how concerned police officers are about violence. They're the ones choking the lives out of Black people,shooting them in the back, and tear-gassing protesters. They aren't Quakers. Cops seem to think everyone hates them unless they receive round-the-clock blow jobs. But Biden had an answer anyway:

"I've condemned every form of violence no matter what the source is," he said. "The president has yet to condemn, as you've probably noticed, the far-right and the white supremacists and those guys walking around with the AK-47s, and [he's] not doing a damn thing about them."

Let's move on to someone interesting, who doesn't expect us to kiss his ass because his job is hard. Joe Vadala is a public high school teacher who lives with multiple sclerosis. He takes a drug that has compromised his immune system, putting him at significant risk from COVID-19. His question was heart-wrenching and, unlike Barrett's, rooted in grim reality.

VADALA: Will you and your administration mandate the vaccine to be taken like the MMR to enter school when it becomes safe and available to the public? Because I love teaching, but I don't want to die and have my wife lose another best friend like how she lost her mother to COVID-19.

You could tell from the expression on Biden's face that he felt for Vadala. This was personal not just political. Biden said that while he didn't trust the president (smart move), he did trust Dr. Fauci. If Dr. Fauci said a vaccine was safe, he'd take it. But a vaccine mandate was more complicated. Biden admitted that no vaccine would be 100 percent so Vadala would have to make a “tough decision" about his health and livelihood.

BIDEN: You should be able to be in a position where you are behind plastic, where you're in a sanitized circumstance when you're teaching. I would not take the chance even if everyone had been vaccinated because of your compromised immune system.

He also acknowledged that some teachers have already died from COVID-19, and that no vaccine tests on children have occurred yet. This is all a sharp contrast from Trump, who holds his hate rallies with no regard to public health, and orders schools reopened with no consideration for anything beyond his own poll numbers.

Biden was firing on all cylinders last night, and not just compared to the low bar Trump sets.

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