Joe Miller Still Whining About That Election He Lost 1,000 Years Ago

    For the love of Joseph and Mary's unsullied maidenhead: When will Joe Miller stop smelling his own farts and accept the fact that he is a loser? "Probably never," according to everyone. "He's a hopeless dick." Miller is still peddling the same sad legal argument -- "voter intent" is in violation of what Joe Miller intended, or something -- in hopes that he will be vindicated and Lisa Murkowski will be arrested for massive voter fraud. This is Joe Miller's wettest dream, and he will describe it to the Alaska Supreme Court this afternoon. Will voter intent prevail over Joe Miller's perverted sense of Democracy? Alaska's smug Assistant Attorney General points out that it's "hard to imagine how a voter who wrote 'Lisa Murcowsky' or even 'Leeza Murcowski' might have been trying to vote for anyone else." Yes, hard to imagine if you're not a bearded megalomaniac. [ADN]

  • More than thirty thousand people have died since the start of Mexico's War on Drugs. [CNN]

  • An enormous loaded gun passed through a TSA porno checkpoint undetected and without any problems whatsoever! And now a similar kind of Diligent Security is being introduced to the DC Metro. [ABC]


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