Joe Miller Tired of Questions, Being Treated Like a Senate Candidate

  • Joe Miller is not your average Republican Senate nominee from Alaska, because who are the two other people in Alaskan history to receive the Republican nomination? Ted Stevens -- who is extremely dead -- and Lisa Murkowski, that loser. Joe Miller is alive, he wears flannel and he is a winner. Imagine if Paul Bunyan went to Yale Law School, then moved to Alaska and racked up a whole bunch of credit card debt. That is Joe Miller. And do you think Paul Bunyan would answer questions about his previous and potentially unethical lumberjack dealings? Paul Bunyan would maybe tell you how many pancakes he devoured for breakfast, but only if you asked him nicely. Joe Miller has basically adopted the same policy: He will not answer any more questions about "his personal background" for the remainder of the campaign. You may ask Joe what he ate for brunch, and also he would be delighted to explain to you how much he hates Lisa Murkowski. Joe Miller does not care for that woman. [Anchorage Daily News]

  • "Republican senators have blocked the nomination of the economist Peter Diamond to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors." And then Peter Diamond won the Nobel Prize for Economics, the end. [The Caucus]

  • The Great Moon War with China is coming soon. We are doomed, and your grandchildren will be making toxic drywall trinkets for fat Chinese people. This is the circle of life that Simba sings about in The Lion King. [NYT]


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