Texas Sen. John Cornyn: Why Can't Joe Biden Be An Abusive Lazy Assh*le Like The Last Guy?


Bless their hearts, we think they're irreparably damaged:

So that's a very ratio-ed tweet!

As Joe Jervis notes, the long quote about Biden not doing cable news interviews and not tweeting every five seconds, by which we mean not just blabberjizzing every random thought he ever has onto the internet, not begging for attention from every reporter who Habermans in his general direction — that's not out of the brain of the GOP senator from Texas. That's literally a Politico article about Joe Biden.

But John Cornyn clearly read that and thought, you know what? Yeah! How can we even tell if Joe Biden is in charge of being president if he's not constantly begging us for our attention and validation? Because we guess in four short years, Donald Trump, at least for Republican electeds, so debased what the presidency is supposed to be that when people like Cornyn don't hear the president having a public temper tantrum at all times, they assume that means maybe the president isn't really "in charge."

And if he isn't hitting us, does he even love us?

So that's why Cornyn thinks that quote "invites the question." [Editrix here: Many thanks to Cornyn for inviting the question instead of begging it, which would be demeaning for a man of his stature.]

The Politico article in question is interesting, if you like Politico articles. It's about how Biden indeed has his own way of doing press and communication, one that's not only different from Prince WhinyFarts of Mar-a-Lago, but also different from Barack Obama. His Cabinet is on TV all the time, but when he speaks, it's because he has something to say. Otherwise he and the rest of his administration are busy.


(You know aside from how unlike the previous president, Joe Biden is ending his first 100 days with shitloads of accomplishments.)

We don't have any overarching analytical thing to say here besides how John Cornyn is a damned idiot and these people are broken, the end.

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