John Cornyn Really Really Really Really Really Really REALLY Doesn't Want Beto To Run For Senate
Beto pics in this post taken from Beto's Sextagram, we mean Instagram

This is ... pathetic.

You need a "Stand Against Beto Fund" to tell Beto O'Rourke that Texas does not want him to run for Senate, just in case Beto decides to run for Senate, which would be so bad that you need an extra fund, even though Texas does not want that? OK, buddy! We feel like we can see where you are coming from, John Cornyn! You're fuckin' scared.

The tweet linked below goes to an editorial from the Houston Chronicle imploring Beto to do just that. Come home. Run for Senate. WIN. As one might expect, they talked about the "what the fuck" heard 'round the world, when a journalist decided to ask him if Donald Trump's batshit eliminationist rhetoric about Hispanic invasions might be linked to a white guy driving hours and hours to murder Hispanic people, and publishing a manifesto on the internet that literally quoted the president's (and Fox News's) invasion rhetoric. "What the fuck," indeed.

The Chronicle addresses the obvious elephant in the room, which is that, so far at least, Beto's presidential bid hasn't worked out the way Vanity Fair thought it might. And that's OK. We guess his fortunes could turn around, but ... yeah no probably not.

However, we keep seeing things about the GOP losing its fucking marbles over Texas (we had a thing on it last week, partially about the insane number of Texas Republican congressmen who are getting the fuck out of Dodge before they get kicked out, and Politico has a new thing on it this week), and the more we think about it, the more we think Beto does need to be on Texas's ballot if we want 2020 to be the year when we finally tip Texas over and make it blue. Not saying he's the only one who could do it, but that we'd have a damn good shot at it.

Think about it. As tweeted last week by Maria Teresa Kumar, the head of Voto Latino, here are some facts:

In 2012 Barack Obama lost Texas by 16 points.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton only lost by nine points.

In 2018 -- in a midterm, which is not the Democratic Party's traditional strong suit, though we hope that is finally fucking changing -- Beto O'Rourke lost by approximately two and a half points, while helping a metric shitload of down-ballot Democrats win everything from House seats to judgeships. (When you look at actual numbers, it becomes very hard to join the bandwagon of people saying Beto's not viable because he "lost to Ted Cruz," now isn't it? IT IS.)

It's not crazy to think that next year, that pendulum could swing just a few more points and put Texas in the blue column.

Especially if Beto were to be on the ballot. Know how he can essentially guaran-damn-tee that he will be on the ballot? By running for the Senate.

It could be Biden or Warren or Harris at the top of the presidential ticket, but we don't really think it matters all that much which of them it is specifically, because turnout is likely going to be huge no matter what. But for something to happen in 2020 in Texas, we need supercharged turnout. Donald Trump's approval in Texas is underwater, but barely. But the real story of electoral politics right now is that cities and suburbs -- whether they're in the Deep South or in the Pacific Northwest -- are voting more and more along the same lines, and the rurals are voting the opposite way. It's why Georgia is so close to the tipping point right now (because Atlanta's sprawl is overtaking the northern half of the state), whereas Tennessee to the north, which has big cities but has so much damn rural population, is way behind.

In Texas in 2016, a full 68 percent of the electorate was from a city or suburb. That number is growing. In 2018, Beto won the metropolitan areas, while Ted Cruz killed it in the hinterlands. But that margin, again, was down to two and a half points.

We are not telling Beto O'Rourke what to do. (Yes we are.) We are just putting some helpful advice in his suggestion box. (In the form of a demand.) And if he does it, he needs to do it soon. (Like maybe right after Labor Day, if that works for him?)

DO IT, BETO. John Cornyn really really really really doesn't want you to.


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