Jon McNaughton, America's Greatest Painter, Now Fighting Slavery, Geography

Jon McNaughton, America's Greatest Painter, Now Fighting Slavery, Geography

Republican painter-artist Jon McNaughton has come out with a new painting! You know, in case there was too much subtlety in his painting of Obama presiding over aterror-wracked deathscape Sharialand populated by Nidal Hassan and unemployed brown people.

This one's called "The Runaway Slave," and that torch means he's voting for Romney. "Runaway" is a reference to his escape from the plantation of government dependency, and "Slave" is a reference to him, you know, being black.

Also, you should definitely appreciate the subtle metaphors at work here, like how the slave guy can afford a wristwatch but still has to use a torch, and that if those folks were behind the Lincoln Memorial in real life, they would be in the middle of the Potomac. It's art, man. It all means... something.

From McNaughton's lengthy, not-silly-at-all description of the work, (which you can get a print of for just $39.00!):

My position is that the Democratic Party has brought the demise of Black America. Currently, 95% of all blacks vote Democrat, and yet what do they have to show for it? 25% of blacks suffer from poverty conditions. 16% of blacks are unemployed and 30% of all abortions are black babies. Also, a majority of our inmates are Black Americans.

What evil the Democrats have been perpetrating! Let's take this one at a time, so we may properly understand how horrible the leftists have been to minorities while the GOP has been trying to save them.

25% of blacks suffer from poverty conditions.

Actually, it's 35 percent. Why on earth would those silly poors vote for Democrats, with their mildly progressive tax plan, when they COULD vote for Republicans, who want to help them get out of slavery by gutting services and infrastructure and giving their bosses tax cuts! Obviously that is the better choice for poor people; voting for the party that helps rich people. If they call it "freedom" that makes it freedom, right? Obviously.


16% of blacks are unemployed

Oh no! They're unemployed! Quick, what would Romney do? Luckily, he has told us, in an interview about minority stuff! The answer is... nothing!

The best thing I could do to help African American unemployment is to create growth of the overall economy which will lead to greater employment overall.

Got it. So, nothing.

Buuuut, Mr. CutsTheGovernment surely knows that about 20 percent of employed blacks are employed at some level of government, according to the Department of Labor, which means Romney wouldn't technically be doing nothing about black unemployment... he'd be making it worse, because we are scared of China or something.

What's this painter guy's next statistic?

30% of all abortions are black babies

Well, it's closer to 37 percent, but that's not the point. The point is that black women have a higher rate of abortions, and it is clearly because Democrats have enslaved them.

It is probably only a minor concern that the reported rate of black women using contraception is 29 percent lower than that of white women — that would make more pregnant ladies, wouldn't it? That might mean that everyone should be taught how to avoid pregnancies in the first place, like in school or something, and then maybe they should have access to affordable ways to prevent getting pregnant. Doesn't sound so bad, right? And it would result in less unborn babies being murdered by Democrats?

It must be Republicans that are pushing for that, right? It's the Democrats that want abstinence-only education, the repeal of Obamacare, and to label women who use birth control whores? That's pretty much Obama doing that stuff, right?

We could continue making fun of this patriotic artist, this... patriartist... but it seems the point has been made without pointing out that McNaughton also makes reference to Martin Luther King Jr. and is donating all profits to C.L. Bryant, who was head of the NAACP until he heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio one time and is now calling people slaves.

The point, of course, being that you need this painting in your salon immediately. To think otherwise would be... slavery?

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