Josh Duggar Sued For Stealing Guy's Face And Trying To Have Sex With It

close that filthy mouth, perv boy

Oh hey! Remember last year when Satan forced Josh "Happy Hands" Duggar to make up an Ashley Madison profile for cheating on his wife with? Well, perhaps unsurprisingly, he did not use his own picture on there! Probably both because he was famous for being such a pillar of Christian wholesomeness (before the whole child molesting thing came out) and also because he does not so much have that "OOH, come have an illicit sex affair that will be mutually satisfying for both of us" look about him.

But this fella? Sure, he's pretty bro-y, but he doesn't look like a bad time!

That fella, Matthew McCarthy, is a DJ/Producer/Photographer (aren't they all?) in Hollywood, is now planning to sue the "traditional family values" advocate for having sullied his reputation by trying to find ladies for sexytimes using his face.

TMZ reports:

Matthew McCarthy says he's been humiliated since Duggar confessed he was addicted to porn and had been trawling for women online. As we first reported ... McCarthy was shocked to see his face as the profile pic on several Duggar accounts.

In the lawsuit, McCarthy says he was raised in a strong-knit Catholic family ... so being connected to Duggar's porn life -- on Twitter, OkCupid and Ashley Madison -- has been mortifying.

He adds he's been getting harassing messages referring to him as "Duggar's boy toy" and "DJ Duggar." He's a DJ and photographer by trade.

Matthew is suing Duggar for the wrongful use of his image, and for damages ... aka cash.

OH MAN, that is delightful, is it not? It seems fair though -- I don't think anyone would want to be associated with Josh Duggar in that way and it is hard to not feel badly for him. Though it would probably be worse for any women who got catfished by Josh Duggar. CAN YOU IMAGINE? It would be like appearing in two reality shows at once, and in the worst way possible. You think this stud is going to show up and then in comes Josh Duggar of the TLC Duggars and he wants to sex you up? And probably also talk to you about whether or not you have heard the Good News? Surely you would die. Surely we would all die. I am internally shuddering now and not in a sexy way.


Robyn Pennacchia

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