Judge Who Probably Has Vagina Teeth Defeats Poor Super-Lawyer Larry Klayman Again

Judge Who Probably Has Vagina Teeth Defeats Poor Super-Lawyer Larry Klayman Again

Bitches, man. There you are, trying to sue Rachel Maddow for defamation for quoting your client verbatim, and some hag judge "lady" -- in your words, "a woman scorned" -- does not even let you win! Naturally, you try to get her thrown off the bench for being a dumb chick, and the dumb RINO Supreme Court will not even let you do that!Dumb RINO Supreme Court! It is all like, nope, not gonna take your case THIS TIME, Larry Klayman, let us know next time you want to sue the NSA or see Bill Clinton's penis!

Let us go back in time and blockquote some fine legal minds on Klayman's original complaint about District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, which was a doozy!

First, Klayman spends about 175 paragraphs bitching that Judge Joan Zeldon called Maddow’s attorneys “distinguished” but did not call him “distinguished.” Like, seriously, so many paragraphs. Then it explains Judge Zeldon just mad because

... wait, Judge Joan Zeldon? Not Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly? And not the other judge Larry Klayman said was biased against him because the judge was a Jew?

ARE THERE ANY JUDGES SUPERLAWYER LARRY KLAYMAN IS NOT TRYING TO DISENBANC OR DISROBE OR WHATEVER BAD THING YOU DO TO JUDGES? No? Okay then. Carry on, Larry Klayman. Maybe you can impeach all the judges in the land when you finish deporting the president.

[USNews/Photo by Beth Ethier]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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