Mean Judge Won't Let Kyle Rittenhouse Play With Nazis Anymore

Right-wing Teen Dream Kyle Rittenhouse, who is charged with killing two people at a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August, was released from jail in November after the MyPillow guy and the kid from "Silver Spoons" posted a $2 million bond for him. Since then, he and his mom have been grifting all over the place, taking advantage of his newfound fame to make friends and raise money for his defense.

Earlier this month, Rittenhouse was spotted at Pudgie's Bar in Kenosha, Wisconsin, drinking with his mom and a bunch of Proud Boys, who reportedly serenaded him with their official theme song — "Proud Of Your Boy" from the Broadway production of Aladdin.

He was also seen taking pictures with said Proud Boys, while flashing the "OK" sign that white supremacists have adopted as a symbol of "white power."

None of this, at the time, violated his bond agreement. Minors are allowed to drink in bars in Wisconsin so long as they are in the company of a parent, which Rittenhouse was.

However, upon seeing the cringe-inducing images of Rittenhouse whooping it up with the Proud Boys at a bar, while wearing a shirt that said Free As Fuck, prosecutors proposed that several changes be made to his bond agreement, according to WTMJ News.

- The defendant shall be prohibited from possessing or consuming alcohol.
- The defendant shall not be present in any establishment where alcohol is served.
- The defendant shall be prohibited from making any public display of any "white power" or "white supremacy" signs, symbols, or hand gestures.
- The defendant shall have no contact with any known militia members or known members of any violent white power/white supremacist groups or organizations, including but not limited to the group identified as the "Proud Boys."

The reasoning for this was not just to ruin Kyle Rittenhouse's good time. The prosecution's concern was that being seen publicly hanging out with Proud Boys, militia groups and white supremacists was a thing that could potentially intimidate jurors. They're not wrong, those people are fucking scary.

On Friday, a judge decided they had a point and barred Rittenhouse from drinking, hanging out with bigots, having weapons or contacting certain people. From the now-modified bond agreement:

The defendant shall neither possess nor consume alcoholic beverages. The defendant shall not knowingly have contact with any person or group of persons known to harm, threaten, harass or menace others on the basis of their race, beliefs on the subject of religion, color, national origin, or gender. No Weapons – especially firearms. No contact including the residence, electronic or 3rd party with: Richard M, Gaige G, Dominic B, Charles R, Karen B, John H.

These people are likely Daily Caller Reporter Richard McGinnis; Gaige Grosskreutz, the man Rittenhouse shot but didn't kill; Dominick Black, the man charged with providing Rittenhouse with the guns he used to kill people; and Karen Bloom and John Huber, parents of Anthony Huber, one of Rittenhouse's victims.

Rittenhouse's attorney, Mark Richards, told prosecutors his client does not object to the new terms and is not a white supremacist. He just really likes throwing white power hand signs, we guess. For funsies!

Rittenhouse will return to court on March 10 for his final court appearance before his trial begins.

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