Just Guess Why This Federalist Lady Won't Get The Vaccine!

Just Guess Why This Federalist Lady Won't Get The Vaccine!

Last week, we brought you a list of all of the very sane things that Ben Domenech of The Federalist said about vaccines ... back in the year 2015, when he was actually talking about the measles. Domenech got very defensive about people bringing that up and, to little avail, tried to pull off the "I still believe those things, but also this is different, for reasons" shuffle. Thus, it is probably a huge coincidence that The Federalist has run several articles this week about how the reason people don't want vaccines is because experts and President Joe Biden and the entire political Left are doing a such bad job of explaining to them why they should.

This has included such hits as:

Why The Expert Class Is Incapable Of Persuading People To Get Vaccinated — The answer? Because they're condescending and because they changed their positions on things like masks once they understood the virus better. If they had immediately understood literally everything about this new virus right off the bat, columnist Emily Jashinsky argues, people might be more inclined to believe them on the vaccines.

Joe Biden Is The Reason Millions Of Americans Don't Want Anything To Do With A COVID Shot — They can't get vaccines because they don't personally like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and they're mad because Biden and Harris keep talking about "protecting the vaccinated" from breakthrough infections and if the vaccine really worked there wouldn't be any breakthrough infections.

The 'Drunk Driver' Analogy For The Unvaccinated Is Dumb And Here's Why — This one was real bad. According to author Eddie Scarry, the analogy is bad because even if drunk driving is illegal, people still do it, so people who drive sober need to do their own
"risk assessment" and take "personal responsibility" in some capacity.

And then today we got the especially brilliant My Husband's A Vaccinated Doctor. Here's Why I'm Not Getting A COVID Shot from Grace Emily Stark, who has written several other articles for The Federalist, including the hilariously titled If You Love Romance And Adventure, Ditch Feminism.

While we have mostly heard the other arguments before — the "people aren't getting vaccinated because vaccinated people aren't being nice enough about people being unvaccinated" in particular — this is definitely a new one. Stark's reasoning is that she's pregnant and she thinks that Democrats hate babies and also want all of the babies to be transgender.

We know she is a health expert, of course, because she immediately states that although medical consensus is that the vaccines have not been shown to have any ill effect on pregnancy, those who are hip to VAERS, a reporting system where literally anyone can say anything is a side-effect of vaccines, know that that may not be entirely true.

Despite no consensus of new, peer-reviewed clinical data on pregnant women and the vaccine, seemingly overnight all of the major health authorities suddenly coalesced from their muddled opinions into a united front, and started urging pregnant women to get the shots. Indeed, emerging data from various population-based databases was (and continues to be) encouraging on the safety of the vaccine in pregnancy, but anyone who knows anything about public health databases like the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) also knows that their data have to be taken with a few hefty pinches of salt.

For the record, while nothing has shown that there is any danger in pregnant people getting the vaccine, studies have shown that having COVID-19 during a pregnancy is actually quite dangerous. COVID-19 infections have in fact been the cause of many maternal deaths over the last year and a half, and have been known to cause premature births. (Or premature C-sections in the ICU, racing against the clock because the mother is about to die.)

But the term "pregnant people" is one of the very reasons why Emily Stark won't get a vaccine. Because she does not want to take medical advice from "the highest and purportedly best medical authorities in the land" if they believe that transgender, intersex and non-binary people exist.
What's more, the health authorities who manage those databases and run all of our major health institutions are not actually urging pregnant "women" to get vaccinated, but pregnant "people." That's right, "people," because as we are reminded again and again by the highest and purportedly best medical authorities in the land, "Women aren't the only ones who can get pregnant, you know."

Because they're ... not?

Stark's other issue is that many of these medical authorities also believe in reproductive rights.

These authorities who are seemingly incapable of accepting the very basics of human anatomy and biology are the same ones in utter hysterics over Texas's heartbeat law. They assure me they will continue to fight for my "right" to dispose of the child within my womb, no matter the reason, and no matter the cost. They insist she is only a human person worthy of protection from bodily harm if and when I decide that she is — which, of course, is subject to change based upon my individual situation and preferences until she has fully exited my womb (and as some would have it, not even then).

To her, this means that none of them care about her baby, and, in fact, probably want her baby to die.

So, if you want to know why I, at nearly 30 weeks pregnant and married to a fully vaccinated doctor, am not yet vaccinated against COVID-19, suffice it to say that I have determined there is a possibility that our major health institutions might not have my unborn daughter's best interests at heart. They, after all, would neither admit that she is a human nor a girl at this point.

That's certainly a take.

Curiously, despite her avowed anti-feminist stance, she does not mention how her "physician husband," who — like 96 percent of doctors — is vaccinated, feels about this whole thing. Is she really qualified to make such big decisions with her tiny woman brain? Perhaps she ought to rethink this.

[The Federalist]

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