Picture by photographer Marnie Recker, WHOM ALL CANADIANSSHOULD HIRE.

Guys, were we not JUST reporting at you that an unsuspecting Canadian family encountered Naked Justin Trudeau in the wild, but only managed to snag a selfie that didn't even include nipples, for their family Christmas card? Oh fine, he wasn't ALL THE WAY naked, just shirtless, but we know damn well his wife Sophie took more pictures on that trip, and needs to SHOW THEM TO THE INTERNET, PLEASE.

[wonkbar]<a href="http://wonkette.com/605165/wonkette-demands-justin-trudeau-release-all-photographs-from-his-half-naked-spelunking-trip"></a>[/wonkbar]But now Justin is just taunting the universe, as he "accidentally" put on a wetsuit and went surfing, and "accidentally" got out of the ocean and pulled his wetsuit down to his waist so his naked self would be more comfortable, "accidentally" just in time to photo-bomb some other Canadian couple's wedding. OH OOPS, HOW DOES HE KEEP DOING ALL THIS NAKEDING?

Wedding photographer Marnie Recker snapped a photo of the prime minister standing in the background just as the bride was making her way down the aisle.

She says Trudeau was departing the beach when he realized he had stumbled into the path of a wedding procession, as the bride was walking down the aisle.

"It was her moment and he respectfully stood aside and witnessed her walk down the aisle to her husband-to-be," wrote Recker on her Facebook page.

In addition to the head of government's "impeccable timing," the photographer also pointed to his "full Tofino spirit."

Is "full Tofino spirit" what Canadians in Tofino, British Columbia, call the prime minister's wetsuit-clad panty rocket? PROBABLY, because we are a damn 16-year-old this morning.

Anyway, Recker tweeted this out, because obviously:

By the way, if you are in Canada, you should totally hire this woman to do some photography for you, since she is so nicely sharing this super hot picture with the world. She says she has another picture too, that she's saving for some reason. Maybe if everybody gives her all the Canadian amero dollars and hires her for work, she will give us more pictures of Prime Minister Naked Time. She mentions that she REALLY REALLY REALLY wants to gift the Trudeau family with a private photo shoot, so hey, Justin, if you are reading this (and we know you are) call that lady. And email us some more nekkid pictures.

Want a side view of that shot, taken not by Recker, but by somebody else on her Facebook page? HERE YOU GO:

In Jesus's name, Amen.

[CBC / Marnie Recker photography]


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