Kamala Harris Dances Her Ass Off At San Francisco Pride, Is President Now

A few months back there was a minor outbreak of massive sexism when Kamala Harris was campaigning in South Carolina and, stopping at a local business to shop, ended up trying on and buying a fun and crazy rainbow sequined jacket. We can report that the rainbow sequined jacket Harris wore to San Francisco Pride is not the same one she bought in South Carolina, because we looked at the pictures and, using our fashion expertise, determined they are not the same jacket. Kamala Harris: She Has (At Least) TWO Rainbow Sequined Jackets.

So Pride month is officially over, and now it is Heterosexuality Appreciation Year again, as it always is, but the 2020 Democratic candidates partied their asses off this weekend for Pride as June came to a close.

Here is Kamala Harris dancing her ass off at Pride and laughing:

And here is she is hopping out to greet the cheering crowd, and shouting "HAPPY PRIDE!" at them, because that is what you say.

And here she is talking to MSNBC's Vaughn Hillyard (who finally got a fun assignment for once, poor thing basically had to move to Alabama when the accused kid toucher was running for Senate) about the significance of being in San Francisco for Pride, the city where it all began in many ways:

And here are some more tweets with pictures in them, because why not:

Harris has had a good week. After she ruined Joe Biden's whole day in last week's Democratic primary debate, she got a massive bump in the polls and is now in third place with Elizabeth Warren. She also raised a shitload of money.

And it's worth noting that Harris's presence at Pride shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who's studied her record as a kAmAlA iS a CoP, because she's been there for the LGBT community the whole time. She created a Hate Crimes Unit as San Francisco DA, she was a leader in the fight against Proposition 8, and oh yeah, there was this thing that happened when Prop 8 was overturned and she ordered same-sex marriages to begin NOW DAMMIT NOW.

As that video notes at the end, Harris very soon officiated one of those first post-Prop 8 weddings.

As a senator, Harris has continued to fight, as she fought in California, to end so-called "gay panic" and "trans panic" defense in court, introducing legislation to ban it.

And also she dances at Pride.

Of course, Kamala is not the Democratic nominee yet, and there are 22 FOUR OR FIVE other candidates competing with her for that title. (That's right there are only FOUR OR FIVE OTHERS, because we are TIRED OF IT ALREADY.) So in the interest of fairness, here is Elizabeth Warren dancing at Boston Pride last year:

Here's a tweet that's going around with pictures of a bunch of candidates at Pride:

And before you start saying, "Where was Joe Biden, was he cow-tipping all the school buses with segregationists and too busy to do gay stuff?" you should know that Joe Biden showed up at the Stonewall Inn a couple weeks back, in advance of Pride, just to say hey what's up:

The point is that the times, they have a-changed, and literally every candidate is falling all over themselves to be as LGBT-supportive as they can -- except Tulsi who doesn't seem to be trying that hard, wonder why, we dunno, IT IS A MYSTERY -- and that is a good thing for America.

Fuck it, Pride is extended another month. BY WONKETTE DECREE.

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