Kamala Harris Is President Of Making Trump Republicans Sh*t The Bed

After the first Democratic debate, we wrote about Kamala Harris's performance with the headline "Kamala Harris Shows America What She'll Do To Trump, If You'll Let Her." The way Harris commanded the stage of eight million Democrats that night and ran the room like she owned it, the way she cut through with authority and emotion and humor ... well, it was somethin', all right!

We've been following Harris for years (even back when sHe WaS a CoP!), but we really started paying attention in the Trump era, as we watched her terrify Jeff Sessions and terrify her male GOP colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee. (sHe WaS aCtUaLlY a pRoSeCuToR.) She mopped the floor with Bill Barr. She did it to Brett Kavanaugh. Even Dead John McCain would pound the table and stomp around at Harris, because that impertinent lady simply would not stop asking impolite questions of Republicans. How ruuuuuude. Do you not know who John McCain's daughter is?!

We've had a sneaking suspicion that Kamala Harris is literally the only person we want to see on a debate stage with Donald Trump, along with a sneaking suspicion that she is literally the only Democratic candidate who might make Trump try to weasel out of said debates. And it sounds like that sneaking suspicion is shared in the White House and among Republican operatives! But where that fact makes us giggle, it sounds like it's making Trump and his acolytes shit the bed. Womp womp!

David Drucker writes in Vanity Fair that he's been talking to some very influential GOP operatives for a while now, and that many of them correctly see Harris as somebody who could gut Trump six ways to Sunday without breaking a sweat. These are their stories.

Law and Order Sound Effect - 10 hours of Dun Dunwww.youtube.com

"I think she's dangerous, and probably maybe the most dangerous, from our view," a veteran Republican political consultant told me this month. "She theoretically would do very well with African American turnout and end up being positioned as a Vienna Soccer Mom."

Drucker carefully explains for non-DC people that this GOP person is not saying Kamala Harris would be viewed as an Austrian soccer mom. She is not Maria Von Trapp driving a Suburban in the sequel that was never made! Vienna is in the Virginia suburbs of DC.

"She doesn't come across as a nut job." [...]

[S]ome Republicans take it as an article of faith that by the time the Democrats gather in Milwaukee a little less than a year from now to coronate their nominee, Harris will be the guest of honor. Who else could they possibly nominate? some Republicans have told me, convinced. [...]

"I have long been most concerned about Harris. I think she has an appeal to the Scottsdale soccer mom who is a registered Republican. Between her appeal and Trump's women problems, she has probably already won those voters," said an experienced Republican consultant in Arizona. [...] "Independents are just sick of everything, and her no-nonsense approach would have appeal broadly, and even to some white Independent and GOP men. She doesn't have the Biden wimp factor, and that's probably important in a place like Arizona." [...]

"Kamala is a nightmare."

We are sensing a theme! Drucker writes that this isn't a universally held belief among in-the-know Republicans -- yet -- but the campaign is young.

Meanwhile over there at the White House, Politico reports that on Thursday, they held a 70-minute campaign briefing, partially to tell Donald Trump which Democrats should make him shit the bed the most. (Wonkette sends thoughts and prayers to the president for having to be away from his beloved Fox News for 70 whole minutes, of course.)

Trump, who was joined in the Blue Room by Vice President Mike Pence, went around the room and asked for opinions on the Democratic contenders. Campaign manager Brad Parscale noted that Elizabeth Warren was rising, Republican National committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said Kamala Harris could pose a threat in Michigan, and Trump 2020 adviser Bill Stepien highlighted Joe Biden as a potentially formidable threat.

Politico says Trump "did not weigh in," we are guessing probably because Trump "did not pay attention." But anyway, the point is that Harris's name up in the White House #Threats meeting. Wonkette would simply note that Trump still hasn't come up with a very funny racist nickname for Harris yet, which should tell you right there how far off his game she throws him.

Viva Kamala! Unless somebody else wins the nomination, in which case Viva Marianne Williamson Obviously!

Or whatever.

[Vanity Fair / Politico]

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