​Kamala Harris Says Trump Can't 'Perform.' SHE DIDN'T MEAN HIS OLD GROSS DICK, YOU STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

Let's talk about Kamala Harris's badass interview on the Rachel Maddow funtimes teevee show last night! But let's do it briefly!

Harris was great, as she so often is, but there were two moments, as she spoke forcefully about issues from Trump's concentration camps to healthcare and the fact that we have a foreign agent in the White House and everything in between, that struck us as moments that Donald Trump and his whole entire crime family would HATE.

First, here is a video of Maddow and Harris talking about Donald Trump's evil nasty immigration raids planned for this weekend (KNOW YOUR RIGHTS), and why Harris thinks he pulls this shit, besides the fact that he's a shithole white supremacist. The short answer? Because he can't "perform" in any other way. That's right, he can't "PERFORM."

Now, do we think Kamala Harris was talking about the little Mario Kart thingie that lives in Trump's thatch of Yeti Pubes and its failure to come out to play? Nope. But dammit if Trump won't hear it that way, and holy shitballs, that is beautiful.

Kamala Harris: Trump Throws Flames To Distract From Disastrous Policies | Rachel Maddow | MSNBCwww.youtube.com

It was much more than that, though.

HARRIS: I think that throughout this president's tenure, he has been throwing flames, with, for example, that multi-billion dollar vanity project of his called a wall, which by the way will never get built. And he's doing that to distract from the fact that, with this hand over here, by tweet, he basically institutes a so-called trade policy that has resulted in farmers in Iowa looking at bankruptcy, who have soybeans rotting in their bins because he's cut off a market they've cultivated over 10 years or more in China.

You know, for instance.

Harris listed off more dumbass actions Trump has taken to rile up the racists, in order to distract from his disastrous tariffs, his tax giveaways to the rich, and his utter failure to PERFORM in any way that would help the Americans who voted for him, then got to the chorus:

HARRIS: So the guy has got to now start distracting people from the fact that he made all these promises that I believe he had no intention of fulfilling. And he has failed to PERFORM on every level by which we should measure a president of the United States, not to mention failed as a commander in chief.

So he's going to create, as he often does, this distraction. [...]

It's ... to distract from the fact that he has failed to PERFORM.

He has failed to PERFORM.

Because he is fundamentally unable to PERFORM. She just KEPT. SAYING. IT.

Harris finished this section by listing off all the ways Trump has failed to PERFORM on the foreign stage, believing Putin and Kim Jong Un and Crown Prince Murder over our intelligence community. (You know, because he's a foreign intelligence asset who doesn't love America.)

It was good.

Anyway, the other thing we want to tell you about is what Harris had to say about that dumb birther shit Donald Trump Jr. decided to retweet about her, alleging that according to some asshole on the internet she is not a real black person (click over to watch it):

Harris takes post-debate success, attacks in stridewww.msnbc.com

HARRIS: I was not surprised. And I found it uninteresting.

That's right, fuck you, Junior. You're predictable and uninteresting.

Wonkette also was not surprised, we also found it uninteresting, but because we are meaner than Senator Harris, we also would add that have you seen how bad Donald Trump Jr.'s face is? It is like the Ugly Stick had rough consensual sex with a whole different Ugly Stick and they accidentally created a human baby.

Sorry about everything, big fishie. We know you never imagined that would be the last thing you'd ever look at.

This has been a post about Kamala Harris being cool, but then it ended up being about Donald Trump Jr.'s face, because that's how we roll.

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