Kamala Harris Parodied On SNL, Doesn't Even Arrest Maya Rudolph

Senator Kamala Harris is getting lots of credit for her reaction to being parodied on this week's season premiere of "Saturday Night Live." Instead of whining that Maya Rudolph was mean to her, like certain very presidential individuals might, Harris was delighted, even though the Rudolph impersonation included the mandatory "Kamala's a COP" reference.

Here's the sketch, which is honestly hilarious (if a TOUCH mean to Bernie Sanders, but not too bad), Rebecca is adding in here that it was hilarious because apparently at the end of this post Dok will call it "only okay," which she will edit out because what the fuck Dok.

DNC Town Hall - SNLwww.youtube.com

Like Woody Harrelson (as Joe Biden) and Larry David (as Bernie Sanders), Rudolph appeared as a guest for the one-shot appearance, and did pretty good Kamala Harris vocal gestures, telling moderator "Erin Burnett" (Cecily Strong), "That girl you just introduced? That girl was me!" She continued,

I'm not just that little girl. I'm also America's cool aunt. A fun aunt -- I'd call that a funt. The kind of funt who would give you weed and then arrest you for having weed. Can I win the presidency? Probably not, I dunno! Can I successfully seduce a much younger man? You'd better funtin' believe it.

And just to prove that if you elect her president, Kamala Harris won't call for NBC to fire Maya Rudolph, Harris took to Twitter first thing Sunday morning to say she was perfectly pleased with the bit, so people will remember she's a good sport, not the very mild jabs:

That's a smart candidate, or a smart comms team, or even both!

Also, Andrew Yang liked his portrayal by Bowen Yang, but -- not to take anything away from SNL's first Asian cast member (no hurry, Lorne Micheals, we guess Asians just got funny this year) -- Andrew Yang is on his way to becoming a bar trivia question.

We liked Beto O'Rourke's (Alex Moffat) offer to "say a few words in eighth-grade Spanish." Some bits were a little lazy, like just having Larry David do old guy who can't work the remote jokes, and you'd think the writers could have done more with Kate McKinnon's Elizabeth Warren -- like maybe having her present a 17-page plan to talk a guy down off a bad trip on Orange Sunshine. Ah, but we are in a fallen age.

[SNL on Youtube / Kamala Harris on Twitter]

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