Kandiss Taylor So Glad Founding Fathers Sacrificed Native Americans So She Could Love Jesus

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Kandiss Taylor So Glad Founding Fathers Sacrificed Native Americans So She Could Love Jesus

Once upon a time, when speaking to the United Negro College Fund, former Vice President Dan Quayle commented upon their slogan "A mind is a terrible thing to waste," and adding, "What a waste it is to lose one's mind, or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is." There are few people who exemplify the true spirit of that speech like Kandiss Taylor, the "Jesus Guns Babies" lady hoping to be the next governor of Georgia — whom you may recall from the time she announced her plans to take down the "Luciferian Cabal" by destroying the Georgia Guidestones.

During a recent campaign stop, Taylor shared some of her thoughts on American history, the Constitution and the founding of our nation that were somehow entirely serious and earnest.

"The First Amendment right, which is our right to worship Jesus freely, that’s how we have a country," Taylor explained. "That’s how we have Georgia. That’s how we have – our founding fathers came over here and destroyed American Indians’ homes and their land. They took it. Look at what they went through, the Native Americans, for sacrifice. For us to have the freedom we have today."

Oh Kandiss, where do we even begin? How do we begin? With the general inaccuracy of it all or with the very idea of presenting the slaughter and genocide of indigenous people and their homes as a beautiful sacrifice they made so that Kandiss Taylor could "worship Jesus freely," a thing one can also do in England, by the way. How does anyone even come up with that? Is that what they taught at Pat Robertson’s Regent University?

It's just the most incredible display of pure narcissism — for someone to not only view the genocide of indigenous people as a positive righteous thing, but to see their deaths as them sacrificing their lives so that they could have the freedom to "worship Jesus." That's brutal. And it's not even entirely clear that it's their sacrifice she was speaking of. She could also have been suggesting that the Founding Fathers were the ones who had to sacrifice, by murdering over nine and a half million people, which is an equally horrific take.

Thus, it's not surprising that Kandiss has some very strong opinions on what should be taught in schools — where she can safely assume that children are not in fact learning that the genocide of millions of indigenous people was a beautiful sacrifice so that they could all worship Jesus.

“Communism, perversion, and oppression is being taught to our children. It’s unethical. And it needs to be handled in the code of ethics for teachers and their certificates." she said, adding, “I promise you, no make how woke they are, they’ll shut up. They have mortgages and car payments. We don't have to fix it with legislation. I love you, we're gonna vote May 24th, we're going to win."

Now, she's probably not going to win, at least not this particular race where Governor Brian Kemp has a substantial lead over challenger David Perdue and she's only being factored into the polls as "other," but given the way things have been going with the GOP lately, it would not be surprising for her to win a seat in the House or some other office in the near future.

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