Kayleigh McEnany: Christ, What An Asshole

God, Kayleigh McEnany is such a full of shit asshole. And a fascist enabler, she is also that.

So, Madam Press Secretary, will you please respond to Donald Trump declaring that he's not going to guarantee a peaceful transfer of power when he loses the election? Jon Karl from ABC News asked the question.

MCENANY: You are referring to the question asked by the Playboy reporter, right?

Yeah, because Donald Trump just hates Playboy. Can't even bring himself to read it for the articles. (Haha, there we go, assuming the president can read.)

But anyway, that wasn't the question, ASSHOLE.

Karl clarified. And McEnany said:

MCENANY: I believe that question asked by the Playboy ...

After making some asshole comments about the "deranged wish of that reporter" — Brian Karem, who is wonderful — for Trump to transfer power even if he wins, which was obviously not the intent of the question, McEnany finally got down to enabling fascism:

MCENANY: The president will accept the results of a free and fair election, but I think that your question is more fitting to be asked of Democrats, who have already been on the record saying they won't accept the results of an election ....

Because everybody fucking despises Donald Trump, he's never had a 50 percent approval rating from a reputable pollster (eat a bag of fuck, Rasmussen), he lost the vote of the people by MILLIONS in 2016, and every election since then has featured hordes of people coming out to vote against Trump, even though he wasn't technically on the ballot.

That's why we know if he "wins," he didn't really win, ASSHOLE. It's just not mathematically possible if there is a free and fair vote, ASSHOLE.

McEnany went on to say that Donald Trump, pathological liar fascist shitmouth, would decide whether the election has been "fair."

You know, like fascists do.

The Daily Beast summarizes that part, because there's enough video of that asshole Kayleigh McEnany in this post already:

[W]hen she was asked to explain what Trump will consider "free and fair" when he has complained that mail-in ballots should be discarded, she would only say it will be up to the president to decide if he believes the process was "rigged" or not. [...]

"The president will accept the results of a free and fair election," she repeated. "He will accept the will of the American people."

"So for clarity, if he loses and it's 'free and fair,' he will accept it?" [NBC's Peter] Alexander asked again.

"I've answered your question," McEnany replied. "He will accept the results of a free and fair election."

And will he decide it's a free and fair election when he loses?

Nope. He already has told us that. Indeed, he's been saying it since the 2016 campaign. Because he's a fascist.

Done with this asshole, the end.

[Daily Beast]

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