They should probably ban her from the TV again.

Kellyanne Conway, back in December:

I will tell you that the president-elect looks at his social media accounts ... as a very good platform which to convey his messages.

Kellyanne Conway on Monday morning, telling the "Today" show crew that the president's tweets really don't speak for the president, so YOU SHUT UP:


KELLYANNE CONWAY: For every time you've said Russia, imagine if you said ISIS. Every time you say Twitter, imagine if you said terrorist. Maybe we'd have a different type of vigilance.

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE (CO-HOST): Kellyanne, in fairness, he's setting the agenda. He's the president. He speaks, the reporters cover what he said.


CONWAY: ... [T]his obsession with covering everything he says on Twitter and very little of what he does as president ...

CRAIG MELVIN (CO-HOST): That's his preferred method of communication with the American people.

CONWAY: That's not true.

Don't listen to what Kellyanne Conway says at any given time, because she's probably lying. Moreover, don't listen to what the president says on Twitter, because that's just a buncha bullshit, even though it's the way he prefers to communicate with people (without having to use the FAKE NEWS LYING ALTERNATIVE FACTS LAMESTREAM MEDIA as an interlocutor), except that it's not his preferred method of communicating with people.


So what the fuck is this latest nattering horseshit from the president's most enthusiastic spokes-liar? Well, it seems the White House is embarrassed about how Trump has been going all Crazy Pants on Twitter, attacking the London mayor by misquoting him, and also refuting the administration's OWN ARGUMENTS by tweeting that the Muslim Travel Ban (motto: "Don't call it a ban, it's not a ban!) is totally a ban, and even better than that, tweeting that the ORIGINAL ban, the one that was even more unconstitutional than the current one, was the BEST ban.

Weirdly, Kellyanne Conway's husband George, who recently withdrew his name from consideration for a big guy job at the Justice Department, seems to disagree with his wife:

Oof. Somebody is sleeping in the dog house tonight, or as Mrs. Conway probably refers to it, the "Bowling Green Alternative Facts House."

"Don't pay attention to Trump's lying poopy tweets" seems to be the administration's official line today, because Trump's fey spokes-cuck Sebastian "I'm not a Nazi!" Gorka appeared Monday on CNN's "New Day" and said this:

CHRIS CUOMO: What's really relevant are the tweets that the president put out this morning where he said what we have believed all along, and you guys have denied, which ... this is a ban. And he put his arms around the original order, which obviously targeted Muslim populations. [...] We saw it play out in his response to London. Are you OK with him going after the London mayor in a time of crisis?

SEBASTIAN GORKA: I just find it really disappointing that, not only did you have one of your staff on before me for several minutes to discuss the president’s tweets, that now we’re eight minutes into this interview and you’re doing it again. Let’s talk about policy. I’d like to talk about policy, not tweets.

CUOMO: That is the policy. His tweets are the policy.

GORKA: A hundred characters is not policy. It’s not policy.

CUOMO: They are statements from the president of the United States about what he wants.

GORKA: It’s not policy. It’s social media, Chris.

Oh dang, Sebastian, you tried very hard, but that defense of the president was just a little bit too "pajama boy" for our tastes.

Of course, by saying we shouldn't focus on the president's tweets, Conway and Gorka are sort of in the neighborhood of being technically correct, but for the wrong reasons. They're trying to distract us from the real issue, which is that the president lies all the time, or he's too stupid and uninformed to know he's not telling the truth. Indeed, both the Associated Press and NBC News have had occasion in the past couple days to point out that Trump's tweets, ESPECIALLY during times of crisis, are ridiculously dishonest and unhinged bullshit.

But Conway and Gorka aren't saying that. They're saying we should ignore what Trump says on Twitter -- even though it's his favorite, bestest mode of communication, according to Conway -- because it hurts the White House's agenda when Trump speaks for himself.

They could always take away Trump's phone and stomp on it (which would make Trump's lawyers very happy!), but they don't have that clout, so we guess Trump will just keep stepping on his dick, by speaking for himself.

Weak! Sad!

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