Kentucky Jew-Hater For Senate Will Save First Amendment With Rhymes (Updated)

Meet Robert Ransdell, white supremacist, former organizer for the National Alliance, and write-incandidate for U.S. Senate. He has no illusions that he'll replace Mitch McConnell, but he's running anyway to garner attention for his very important message: "With Jews We Lose." Tell it to the Dodgers and Sandy Koufax, pal! He also hopes that his provocative, rhyming campaign signs (did you notice the slogan rhymes? You can't go wrong with a rhyming slogan) will expand the range of free speech, seeing as how Kentucky has a law protecting campaign advertisements from being removed.

In a very thoughtful post at neo-Nazi website Stormfront, one of his regular online hangouts (what? you guys spend all day at Wonkette, after all), Ransdell explained the pro-freedom strategy behind his innovative signs:

For years White Nationalist [sic] have looked on with disgust as various anti-White lemmings and creeps have taken it upon themselves to decide what people will read and be exposed to and have taken to removing flyers and other promotional materials distributed to the public by White Nationalists ... This campaign may well see the first of these idiots actually prosecuted for doing the same to one of my campaign signs, it is in fact a misdemeanor in the State of Kentucky.

Unfortunately for the cause of Liberty, the Kentucky law also requires campaign signs to include the name of the person or group paying for the ad and to display the sponsor's address, details Ransdell left off his handmade signs. He also posted them on private property without asking permission. The owner removed them and has not yet been clapped in irons. Still, it's the Free Speach thought that counts, right?

Also, too, Ransdell had his mic taken away from him when he celebrated Constitution Day yesterday at the University of Kentucky, where some knucklehead in the journalism department had invited him to share his thoughts on the Constitution of the United States. Two high school journalism teachers attending the event with their students were outraged, particularly because there was no notice that the speaker was a genuine First Amendment Outlier. One of the teachers, James Miller, went onstage during Ransdell's talk took his mic away, after a university employee shut off the microphone and escorted Ransdell offstage, then gave an impromptu talk about the phenomenon of false balance in media and apologized to his students for having brought them to the event. Let's see if we can't get Mr. Miller nominated for some kind of teaching award, can we? (See update below)

The university later issued a statement saying that Ransdell had been invited because "he has registered and has been qualified as a write-in candidate for the U.S. Senate," and like other Constitution Day speakers, he had been asked to focus on "the principles of the Constitution," but darned if he didn't just go and talk about the Jews and the blacks and white power:

Unfortunately, Mr. Ransdell included his political beliefs and platform in his comments. Many of those in attendance felt his comments were inappropriate, especially for an audience that included high school students. The University of Kentucky was not aware of the content of his remarks prior to him speaking and does not condone or endorse any political platform or agenda."

Frankly, better not to give the loon a platform, but it was also a pretty good education for the kids. Free speech allows boneheads to express themselves, but the government is under no obligation to hand them a microphone and an amplifier.

And what about his platform, just in case a meteor crashes into whatever forum Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes are debating at, and neither party fields a replacement, and everybody who does vote is an absolute moron? Raw Story has checked out his campaign missives at Stormfront:

In the highly unlikely event he is ever elected to public office, Ransdell promises to dismantle “Jewish control” of the media, end U.S. support for Israel, stop U.S. intervention in Muslim countries and deport all Muslims living in the U.S., and establish “White Guard” patrols in certain high-crime areas.

“These patrols will be made up of men who come forward professing their belief that it is time to stop simply watching our people be victimized while the system (police, local officials) does a ridiculously awful job in doing anything of substance about the problem,” Ransdell wrote.

He insisted these roving bands of armed white men would not actively seek physical confrontation with racial minorities, but would instead act only in self-defense or to assist white people under attack.

“White people must have a Whites-only nation in America to survive and prosper, period,” Ransdell wrote. “We cannot prosper, we can only cope, when we permit and allow Jews, Blacks, and other non-Whites into our living space and the long term health of our people is in peril as long as they are permitted to live amongst us.”

He seems... despicable. Here, have some video, from WLWT, which is entertainingly close to "Lolwut?"

Update/clarification: We received a correction from James Miller, the journalism teacher who protested the University of Kentucky's invitation to Ransdell. We'd originally said, based on an ambiguous description in the WTVQ report, that Miller had taken the microphone away from Ransdell at the Constitution Day talk. Miller explains,

I didn't take his mic away—a university employee (unaffiliated with the event) cut his mic and escorted him off stage—but the rest of that sentence is completely accurate.

We have updated the article to reflect this, and regret the error. We would also like to repeat that Mr. Miller strikes us as a terrific journalism teacher, not to mention a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is.

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