Kentucky Tea Party Sells 'Yup, I'm A Racist' Fourth of July T-Shirts

OH YEEHAW THA FORF OF JULY, time for the awful racist slobs of Lexington, Kentucky to put on their best "warding off the coloreds and the Muslins" finery in honor of Jesus, Hitler and Thomas Jefferson. Do you like seeing the hate-bomb that is puking all over the American flag, on this man's t-shirt? Does it capture your patriotic spirit? He will sell you another, to wear to the parade!  This is how serious the birth control situation is in Kentucky, because broken condoms result in tragedies like this man, selling apparel to people who want to honor America's founding dressed like hobo Klansmen. Were there even other tragic people interested in buying from him, or was his booth FOR SOME UNIMAGINABLE REASON labeled "Tea Party Fox News" on the front? SEE THE ANSWER after the jump:

Yes, the brown "INFIDEL" t-shirts read, "Everything I Need to Know About Islam I Learned on 9/11," which is why they are calling themselves "infidels," for irony.

So anyway the moral of the story is we are sorry for whoever lives in Lexington, Kentucky. [Thanks to Wonkette Operative "HolyCow!!"]


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