Kevin McCarthy Scum Again

Last week GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was happy as he could be on the Sunday shows, over the statistical and historical possibility he'll be Senate majority leader once more.

This week it's GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, sporting a red face we can only assume he got from a penis charging station -- allegedly! -- on "Fox News Sunday."

Host Mike Emanuel lobbed every softball question he could to McCarthy, which gave McCarthy ample opportunity to turn the interview into a 14-minute infomercial of canned talking points.

He began by criticizing President Joe Biden's aid to Ukraine as "too slow."

MCCARTHY: If we would have taken those actions earlier instead of waiting until after Russia invaded, they probably never would have invaded had we done that sooner.

Emanuel pointed out that just this week, President Biden announced an additional $800 million in military aid. That's a total of $2.6 billion in security assistance, which included weapons. McCarthy, however, couldn't outline what President Biden could have done more, so he just said the thing about it being too slow again.

MCCARTHY: Ukraine was craving the ability to defend themselves. Had we moved the weapons to Ukraine earlier, that they could defend themselves, it would have saved thousands of lives and probably the decision of Putin not to enter.

It will surprise no one, other than the gullible voters he counts on to fall for his bullshit, that McCarthy was one of the many who saw nothing wrong with Donald Trump using military aid to extort Ukraine, and opposed both Trump's impeachments.

But if you think McCarthy's support for Ukraine and opposition to Vladimir Putin will last, here he is refusing to condemn the Putin wing of his caucus:

EMANUEL: Last week, 63 House Republicans voted against a symbolic resolution of unequivocal support for NATO. Are your colleagues wrong on this one?

MCCARTHY: No, there's a strong support for NATO moving forward. Always has been. NATO is in the process of defending themselves but the one thing we need to make sure these NATO countries spend the money, more than two percent.

Translation: He's gonna do nothing about the Putin wing, while pretending he is, and then use Trump's NATO rhetoric. It's the same kind of leadership that gets Marjorie Taylor Greene a wrist slap for attending a white nationalist convention, and makes him very disappointed with insurrectionist Madison Cawthorn only after Cawthorn starts yammering about cocaine orgies.

Of course, being scum is not new for McCarthy.

He after all, was the guy who lost his first chance at speaker when he said the quiet part out loud about the true nature of all the Benghazi investigations. Then Paul Ryan became speaker. Later, during a closed-door meeting prior to the 2016 election, McCarthy said out loud that he thought Putin was paying Dana Rohrabacher and Trump. Let's not forget all McCarthy's scummy moments relating to his phone calls with Trump on January 6.

All these moments of self-revealing cowardice and his devotion to the Trump/MAGA wing of his caucus may indeed make him the next failed GOP speaker of the House. He'd join the ranks of Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Newt Gingrich and Dennis Hastert. You know, if Matt Gaetz and the MAGA chumps don't screw him out of it first, that is.

But if it happens, then congratulations, Kevin McCarthy. Hope when your temporary joy at being speaker, passes, all the craven complicity will have been worth it.

Have a week.

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Michael Mora

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