Kevin McCarthy: Donald Trump Always Hangs Out With Everyday Working Folk He Refuses To Pay

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was on Fox News last night, explaining to Laura Ingraham that Donald Trump is an everyday man of the people, because unlike Democrats, who are all out-of-touch elitists, Donald Trump actually just barely puts up with the rich people with whom he surrounds himself and for whom he operates tacky, overpriced trash palaces. We haven't actually seen the whole segment, but do we really need to?

McCarthy was part of an Ingraham Very Special Episode on liberal elites last night, the same show where Candace Owens explained LBJ hated black people so much he signed civil rights laws to trap them in Democratic bondage. McCarthy's segment followed a rant called "A Party of Snobs," in which Ingraham explained that all liberals are exactly like Michael Bloomberg, who said a dumb — and deceptively edited — thing about how for 3,000 years, farming has been super easy because all you do is dig a hole, drop in a seed, add water, and you're a farmer, but those people can never learn tech jobs. (Apparently no liberals mocked Bloomberg at all, so you didn't see it.) So that would explain that "THE ELITIST LEFT" chyron.

McCarthy explained that, by contrast, the guy with the gold-covered penthouse apartment is just an ordinary Joe like the people who elected him:

If you ever go on a project with him where he's building a building, he is more in contact with those who are building it than those who are buying it. That's the uniqueness of him. He'd rather hang out with everyone who builds the building than whoever buys the room from him.

We haven't actually ever seen a photo of Donald Trump "hanging out" with the people who built his buildings, possibly because so many of them would be asking him to finally pay them for the work they did. (The complaints continued even after Trump took office.) But McCarthy said it on Fox, so you'd best believe it will now be seen as true by Trump voters. Maybe Trump will incorporate it into his attacks on the elitists who scorn him, even though he's actually richer and better educated and more elite than them! He went to Wharton!

As for Trump hanging out with the people who buy rooms from him, let's just recall that he likes some of the people who pay dues at Mar-a-Lago so much that he lets them direct policy in his administration, like those three guys who tell the Department of Veterans Affairs what to do. We've seen plenty of photos of Trump hanging out with his many important guests, like the ones who got to listen in on Trump's dinnertime War Room while he planned a missile strike on Syria, or the grifty massage parlor lady getting rich Chinese folks to buy access to Trump and selling them millionaire visas.

We're also pretty sure the Chucklefucks aren't actual construction workers, either. Nor were the Saudis who rented enough rooms to rescue Trump's profits for 2018.

And then there are the people who are buying the buildings. That would be the Russian money launderers, of course. But sure, maybe Trump doesn't find them very authentic, and only puts up with their phoniness and airs because he has to.

In his heart, he just wants to get away from it all and drive a big truck, after all.

[Acyn Torabi on Twitter / NBC News / WaPo / Fox News]

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