Kevin McCarthy Selling 'Moron' T-Shirts So Republicans ... Don't Lose Each Other In Crowds?

Kevin McCarthy Selling 'Moron' T-Shirts So Republicans ... Don't Lose Each Other In Crowds?

By now you know the story. Nancy Pelosi called House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy a moron for his dumbshit opposition to mask mandates. She was right. Kevin McCarthy is an absolute moron. End of story.

Or rather the story would have been over about two weeks ago if McCarthy hadn't decided to try to close escrow on the libs by selling T-shirts that say "moron" on them, for Republicans to buy and wear and label themselves.


McCarthy's page on the for-profit Republican fundraising platform WinRed — morons seem to love for-profit fundraising platforms that take large cuts of money for themselves, leaving far less for the actual, ahem, candidates — features this beg right now:

Sure thing, guys.

Kevin McCarthy NEEDS YOU to wear a T-shirt that self-identifies you as a moron. (If it ends up protecting the general population from breathing whatever fumes Trump supporters are emitting, by making them steer clear of people wearing the shirt, that's just a bonus we guess.) Kevin McCarthy NEEDS YOU to to buy one of these for yourself and also for one of your friends. He NEEDS YOU to wear the shirt that says the word "moron" was "coined" by Nancy Pelosi — she just came up with it herself! — to describe diseased, unclean freedom-loving Americans like you!

Of course, there's a pre-checked box at the bottom — Republicans and WinRed are totally into those, good for the grifting — which they hope your Freedom Nana is too stupid and/or blind to see, which authorizes WinRed to go ahead and make whatever donation Freedom Nana does today a double, with the second being processed on August 31. The box to make it a recurring donation is unchecked, but includes a lot of guilt words about how you should only leave the box unchecked if you've given up on fighting Nancy Pelosi and the socialists, you haven't left the fight have you, Freedom Nana? GIVE US YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY CHECK AND SIGN YOUR HOUSE OVER TO US, FREEDOM NANA! YOU'RE OUR ONLY HOPE!

You might imagine Nancy Pelosi is hiding in her office today under her desk because she was so very YA BURNT by Kevin McCarthy's T-shirt, but no, her office told The Hill that McCarthy's T-shirt was "A GOP 1st - truth in advertising."

Kevin McCarthy's "moron" T-shirt comes in small, medium, large, extra large, and 2XL, and it's the hottest thing to wear this season if you're on a ventilator in an overcrowded Florida hospital clinging to your unvaccinated, unmasked life.


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