'Kill The Gays' Bill Pastor Scott Lively Declares Self Most Persecuted Man In America

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'Kill The Gays' Bill Pastor Scott Lively Declares Self Most Persecuted Man In America

Back in 2009, Scott Lively and two other American pastors held a big conference in Uganda in order to tell government officials all about how evil gay people are, how they maybe were responsible for the entire Rwandan genocide, how they wanted to destroy families, and how best to make them all straight. It took five years, and changing "execution" to "life imprisonment," but Uganda finally passed the Kill the Gays bill introduced immediately after Lively's big trip. (For the record, Lively thought the whole execution thing was a bit excessive although he agreed "with the general goal.")

If Scott Lively is known for one thing, he is known for really hating gay people. It is his entire personal brand. He wrote a book called The Pink Swastika in which he claimed that gay people were the ones who invented Nazism and then decided to throw themselves into concentration camps for being gay. And these are the titles of his other books!

Seven Steps to Recruit-Proof Your Child: A Parent's Guide to Protecting Children from Homosexuality and the "Gay" Movement (1998)
Why and How to Defeat the "Gay" Movement (2000)
Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the "Gay" Agenda (2009)

As you can see, he has committed to this bit. He's not out there talking about other aspects of Christianity or writing books about the joys of model train collecting. If you Google him, pretty much all that comes up are the terrible things he has said about gay people. Although, to be fair, he did call for the death penalty for performing abortions last month and also once got a nice thrill up his leg from an explosion at a strip club in which 18 people were injured. That is about as diversified as his personality portfolio gets.

In addition to blaming gay people for the Holocaust, he also blames them for Noah's Flood, claimed that Barack Obama was previously married to a man (his Muslim Pakistani roommate no less), and bragged about helping to craft Russia's anti-gay law, calling it the "proudest achievement" of his career.

Why am I telling you all these things about Scott Lively right now? Because Scott Lively has officially declared himself the most persecuted man in all of America.


This video was apparently prompted by the death of Wilson Gavin, a gay conservative who recently committed suicide after people condemned him for yelling "drag queens are not for children" over and over again in the face of a drag queen at a drag queen story hour in Australia that exactly no children were forced to attend against the will of their parents.

Conservatives have been using this incident for the last week or so to decry supposed "bullying" from the Left. While it is obviously unfortunate that he committed suicide, that anyone would commit suicide, the reason he was so widely condemned is because he was doing a shitty thing in an extremely public way. People weren't randomly picking on him for having two first names or for something he could not help, they were pointing out that he was being a jerk. Which he was.

Lively explained that he, too, has really been through the wringer with liberals. They routinely ridicule him, he says, just because of these terrible things he goes around saying about gay people. And we don't ridicule him because he is awful and ridiculous, but because that is what Saul Alinsky taught us back when we were all in Marxist street armies.

Anyone who stands up against the Left is gonna face intense opposition. This culture war is a conflict between Christians and Marxists, it always has been. It's their war of aggression against Judeo-Christian civilization, and the tactics that they use are despicable. Saul Alinsky in his book Rules For Radicals taught the Marxist street armies to use ridicule as a weapon.

Yes, who ever would ridicule terms like "Marxist street armies" without the help of Saul Alinsky. Also, Saul Alinsky was not a Marxist. Neither are the vast, vast majority of people out there who do not think gay people cause natural disasters. Personally, I think Marx made many good points, but I don't join clubs. Or street armies, for that matter. The best you're getting out of me on that end is the score from West Side Story.

Lively then goes on to talk about how we have absolutely destroyed poor Donald Trump, who never did nothing to nobody. Here's hoping?

It seems simple enough, doesn't it? If you make your entire personal brand hating a group of people and accusing them of horrible and absurd things, those people are going to think you are rude, as will everyone who supports that group. It's not like hating cilantro. It's not value-neutral. If you insult people, they tend to not like you. If you then accuse those people of being responsible for Noah's Flood, people are going to ridicule you. Why? Because that is ridiculous. I mean, it's a horrible thing to accuse people of, but it's also really hard to say with a straight face.

If Scott Lively can tell when he is being insulted, it stands to reason that he should also be able to tell when he is insulting others. Or writing entire books in which he insults others. If this is a thing he has trouble comprehending, he should consider taking an oath of silence until he figures that out. If not that, then he should just assume that every word out of his mouth is insulting and not then be surprised when people react as if they have been insulted.

[YouTube via Right Wing Watch]

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