Kim Klacik v. Candace Owens: A Republican Grift-Off!
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MAGA grifter Candace Owens and failed Republican congressional grifter Kim Klacik are feuding, and it's hard. Not because we give a crap what happens to either of these nasty, garbage people, of course. But when two such reprehensible characters go to war, who do you root for?

You too can read the court documents posted by Law & Crime, and find yourself in the middle of a Two Worst Women contretemps!

Klacik made a name for herself shitting on saintly Rep. Elijah Cummings during his life, earning the attention of the former president by filming trash in the alleys of Baltimore, and parlaying it into a role in the Republican firmament. After Cummings's death, Klacik ran for his seat, despite not living in the district and having no connection to the constituents in MD-7, where Democrats outnumber Republicans six to one. Klacik raised upwards of $8 million and lost to Rep. Kweisi Mfume by 49 points, after which she demanded a recount and accused Maryland's Republican Gov. Larry Hogan of cahootsing with Democrats to keep her out of office.

As someone who has lived in Baltimore my whole life, I really dislike this woman.

Klacik and Candace Owens got into a social media spat over the Juneteenth holiday and who does or does not actually care about Black people. You can read about it at Newsweek, if you are interested in which useless shill who denies the existence of systemic racism is #BeBest in this department. As a White lady ... well, no comment.

Anyway! Owens got pissed and decided to DO UR OWN RESEARCH on Klacik for a 44-minute Instagram takedown video in which she made a whole lot of allegations.

In addition to flagging some potentially interesting but probably kosher payments in Klacik's FEC spending disclosure, Owens made allegations about Klacik's past associations:

So I do a little digging and I find out that Kimberly Klacik was a stripper named September. And that her husband was the manager of the strip club. It's a strip club in like in the Baltimore region in Maryland and allegedly they met stripping and like, she was the person who helped bring a lot of strippers into this club.

Which is at least partially true, in that Klacik's husband, from whom she claims to be estranged since October, does or did manage a strip club in Baltimore. As to the rest, well, let's just say no one else has been willing to put it in print, even during Klacik's campaign when she was a Republican media darling in the spotlight. Although when Klacik appeared on conservative commentator Armstrong Williams's show in June, she didn't deny that part of the story, saying only, "I feel bad for all those young women that are now out there that probably thought, you know, why would she attack other women, uh, for doing what they can maybe to make ends meet? You know, who is she to tell anybody what job they could or could not do when it is legal?"

Whether it's defamatory to say that someone used to be a stripper is unclear. But Owens went on to say that she had spoken to someone who knew Klacik and had witnessed her committing actual crimes. Paraphrasing the "source," Owens said:

I worked with her in the strip club. You know, her and her husband had been scamming people for millions and she said, and I'm going to be very strong with that, there's no way that I can, as someone can confirm this. But she said it to me in writing that they used campaign money to do cocaine in the strip club. And she said she had -- I have all the receipts and I can prove it sort of a thing. And I was like, whoa, okay, well, that's different because what this stripper was alleging would be a crime obviously. And I can't possibly verify that information. Like there's no way to verify that.

The source has "all the receipts," and yet there's no way that Owens could confirm the allegations?


Klacik vehemently denied these allegations, pointing out in her interview with Williams that Baltimore City was on lockdown during much of 2020, meaning that most strip clubs were closed. Her attorneys sent multiple retraction demands to Owens, which Owens answered personally, schooling those lawyers on the ins and outs of First Amendment law — which may or may not have been SMRT, since those letters are now exhibits in the case demonstrating her state of mind when she made and republished the allegations.

For her part, Klacik says donors and sponsors are dropping her as a result of the feud and demands $20 million to make her whole. And she's rolling the dice that Baltimore County jurors will choose the hometown girl over the internet bully. Which they might!

Or they might conclude that Klacik's star is in decline because she lost her election, her bid for attention failed to secure her that Newsmax gig she so clearly wanted, and it's an off year for elections, so no one is paying attention anyway. They might decide that she picked a fight with said internet bully, didn't like getting punched back, and is now attempting to parlay the beating into a moneymaking opportunity. Who's to say, right? Juries are funny.

In summary and in conclusion, a pox on both their filthy houses.

[Klacik v. Owens, docs via Law & Crime]

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