KKK-Loving Alabama State Rep Arrested For Allegedly Forgetting Thou Shalt Not Steal

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KKK-Loving Alabama State Rep Arrested For Allegedly Forgetting Thou Shalt Not Steal

Will Dismukes mugshot

Montgomery County Detention Facility

Alabama state Rep. Will Dismukes was arrested on charges of felony theft.

Last month, there were calls for Dismukes to resign (from Republicans!) after he gave a speech at an event honoring the birthday of Confederate General Nathaniel Bedford Forrest, the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan — a fact we all know because we've all seen Forrest Gump — at a private venue called "Fort Dixie," owned by a woman who once said the "Bloody Sunday" protesters in Selma "got the resistance they were seeking."

Gump and the Klanyoutu.be

Awkwardly enough, this occurred the very same weekend that Congressman John Lewis's body arrived in Selma, Alabama — a place where he was notably bludgeoned by police officers who likely also held Nathaniel Bedford Forrest in very high esteem, on Bloody Sunday.

It was not a very good look. But Rep. Dismukes has refused to resign from his seat. He did, however, resign as pastor of an Autauga County church.

"After a conversation with the association," Dismukes wrote on Facebook at the time, "I resigned from Pleasant Hill Baptist Church not at the request of the church but by choice because I did not want to see the SBC vote Pleasant Hill out of fellowship. The Lord will lead me to a church at His timing and direction."

He wasn't asked to leave the church! Just the entire church would have been the evangelical version of excommunicated if he'd stayed.

Now, Dismuke's former employer at a flooring company is accusing him of having stolen a whole lot of money while he was working there — which would be quite the violation of the Seventh Commandment for this obviously deeply religious fellow.

Via Montgomery Advertiser:

Montgomery authorities on Thursday issued an arrest warrant for Dismukes related to the theft, which District Attorney Daryl Bailey said occurred between 2016 and 2018 from Dismukes' then-employer. Bailey's office received a complaint about the theft on May 20.

"After countless hours of investigation, which consisted of witness interviews, obtaining bank records, and gathering other evidence a decision was made by myself and other prosecutors in my office along with these investigators that probable cause existed that a crime had been committed," Bailey said.

So he's not just a racist, but a thieving racist. Allegedly.

District Attorney Bailey told the press that although the warrant was signed for $2,500, the amount he is actually accused of stealing is much higher than that.

Trey Norman, Dismukes's attorney, says he believes Dismukes never stole nothing from nobody, but also that there may be more charges "coming down the road" for other people, and that if someone stole money from him, he wouldn't wait four years to complain about it


"We're looking forward to getting the evidence," he said. "Under the circumstances I'll be surprised if there aren't some more charges coming down the road for other people."

Norman said Dismukes has never received a letter of inquiry that has accused him of any wrongdoing, but he won't speculate on conversations between Dismukes and his former employer.

"I don't think any money was taken by anyone," he said. "Second of all, if I worked for someone and they accused me of taking money, I wouldn't expect four years to go by before anyone said anything to me. If someone worked for me and I thought they were taking money, I wouldn't wait four years."

Of course, the district attorney mentioned speaking to witnesses. It is entirely possible that these witnesses did not come forward or perhaps were not believed by the employer at the time. These things happen!

The charges were filed in May, so unless Dismukes's former employer has psychic powers, they were not meant to be retribution for his creepy racist speech. But things have a way of working themselves out sometimes.

[Montgomery Advertiser]

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