Victoria Jackson, so wacko she has her own Wonkette tag, is entering, we think, year twenty of post-SNL unemployment. To commemorate this, she has taken to interviewing random street people on her Nikon Coolpix and, we presume, going home to edit it and upload it to her YouTube channel that has literally singles of views. The first video is up top. It is truly something when a barrel-chested faux-superhero who vaguely declares his superpower is "helping people" is so clearly the sanest person in a conversation that you find yourself wondering if he's free for Quiznos later this week and maybe starting up a part-time drywall business.

However, Victoria Jackson cannot let anything be about someone besides her, and so we have to put up with a two-minute rant about Barack Obama's fourteen communist fathers of fury.

If there was ever a niche for "exhausted-looking middle-aged woman with an inadvisable bow in her hair" roles, Vicki Jackson has that on LOCK.

It is nice that she is non-racistly concerned about Obama's black genetic predisposition to tyranny. There is no more perfect moment than 1:50 to 1:54, when a giant "pro-life" truck with an aborted fetus rolls by and she sad-faced realizes that virtually any Negro in the world could be Barack Obama's godless Muslim father.

Someone get her more buttons, stat.



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