Welcome to Kansas's US Senate race, Chris ... errr, Kris Kobach! Godspeed, you crazy, immigrant-bashing dumpster fire. Your Wonkette has not lived a good enough life for this guy to throw another race to the Democrats. But if he wants to be a throbbing hemorrhoid in Mitch McConnell's ass, we're good with it!

Yesterday Kris Kobach made it official, declaring his candidacy to replace retiring Republican Senator Pat Roberts in 2020. His crack team kicked off the proceedings by misspelling his name on the FEC filing.

Why, yes, "false, erroneous, or incomplete information" on this form may subject the filer to civil penalties. But Kobach, who fought to purge voters for similar typos on their registration forms, shrugged it off, telling the Kansas City Star, "We had a whole bunch of people helping over the past week and I don't even know who was the person that transcribed it. It's not the first time Kris has been misspelled in my case with a CH rather than a K ... They quickly corrected their typo, I'm told."

Sure his losing 2018 gubernatorial campaign in a state where Republicans outnumber Democrats two-to-one was a shitshow with lackluster fundraising and pathetic GOTV, but this time is different. This time they "quickly corrected" the misspelling of the candidate's own name. So you know they're at the top of their game!

In a speech to supporters in Leavenworth yesterday, Kobach led with important issues for citizens in the center of the country. Standing in front of a "Build the Wall" sign, he touted his work building an unlicensed fence on private land in New Mexico, saying, "I've been on the southern border constantly in the past six months and I can tell you stories that will make your skin crawl." (He did not, presumably, mean what we're doing to the children.) In 2018, Kobach lost to Democrat Laura Kelly -- now the governor! -- by 53,000 votes when every other Republican running statewide won by 95,000. But now that Kansans know about Kobach's demands for a 24-7 private jet if he'd been hired as White House Immigration Czar -- which he wasn't, although Donald Trump once said he'd hire him in "two seconds" if he lost the governor's race -- they'll be sure to support a salt-of-the-earth guy who understands the priorities of the common Midwesterner.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Kansas and DC are freaking out that Kobach might once again emerge victorious from a crowded primary field. National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee spokeswoman Joanna Rodriguez told the Kansas City Star, "Just last year Kris Kobach ran and lost to a Democrat. Now, he wants to do the same and simultaneously put President Trump's presidency and Senate Majority at risk. We know Kansans won't let that happen and we look forward to watching the Republican candidate they do choose win next fall."

Haha, whatever you need to tell yourself, honey!

Back in Leavenworth, Kobach was nonchalant. "I don't think the NRSC has said anything official. There has been lots of individuals who have some loose association."

Then he went on to tout his spectacular record as a trial lawyer, saying, "I don't need a legislative aide to tell me what the law says. I've been litigating… That's part of the problem in Washington, everything's delegated." Which is an odd way to characterize getting his ass handed to him by the ACLU, his humiliating ignorance of basic rules of evidence and civil procedure, and being held in contempt and ordered to take continuing legal education so he could stop being such an embarrassment to the legal profession. But at least he didn't delegate defense of his bullshit voter disenfranchisement law!

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appears to have ruled out a bid for Kansas's open Senate seat, leaving three declared GOP candidates and several undeclared prospects in the race. None has the same name recognition and ability to draw media attention as Kobach, though. And with several opponents, Kobach might be able to win the primary with support of just the wingiest of nuts. At the very least, he's going to force the Republicans to spend some money on this primary.

So, let's call that one a Nicetimes win, shall we? Gotta take 'em where we can get 'em.

[Kansas City Star / Politico]

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