Kris Kobach Has A Black Staffer, So Forget About His White Nationalist Friends!

Sit down, Wonkers, we have some sad news. It looks as if Kansas's favorite votefucker Kris Kobach may be just a wee smidge racist. The Guardian dug through Kobach's campaign finance disclosures, and produced a list of all the people who are SUPER PROUD TO BE WHITE and also super proud to donate to Kobach's gubernatorial bid. Check out these winners!

There's Peter Brimelow, founder of the white nationalist group VDare which seeks to preserve America as a bastion of white culture and protect it from degradation by non-white immigrants and Jews. The site, which has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is named for Virginia Dare, the first white baby born to English colonists who disappeared with the whole Roanoke colony. Leave aside the irony of a bunch of lunatics screaming about illegal immigration under the banner of an immigrant child whose entire culture disappeared 400 years ago because they couldn't hack it in this country. Kobach was endorsed by Brimelow to be Trump's vice president -- so it's a safe bet that the guy obsessed with that dead white baby thinks Kris Kobach bats for Team Racist.

Movin' on! Remember that Trump lackey who got fired for hanging around with all the white nationalists? No, not the speechwriter. Ian Smith, the former DHS guy who went to Judenfrei dinner parties. He's also a big fan of Kris Kobach's. Go figure.

And hey, look it's notorious immigrant hater KC McAlpin of The Social Contract, a website flogging conspiracy theories about HIAS, Facebook protecting Mexican child molesters, and Al Sharpton supporting an immigration cohort of "Hispanics, Asians, blacks, and other nonwhites, an amalgam known in Leftspeak as 'people of color.'" Meth and cornflakes: Two great tastes that taste great together! Between McAlpin and someone who appears to be his wife, they've donated $15,000 to Kobach in this electoral cycle alone. Probably because they like his cool hair, not because they think he agrees with their racist rhetoric, right? Oh, and by the way, Kobach was a paid speaker at The Social Contract's "writers workshop" in 2015.

Anyway, Kobach can prove that he's not racist! He has a black staffer to vouch for him, SO THERE. Spokeswoman Danedri Herbert told The Guardian,

I am black and I am his closest staff member. I spend more time with him than any member on his staff. He is not a racist.

Which is pretty much what she told The Topeka Capital-Journal this summer when they asked why the Kobach campaign was paying three staffers who belonged to American Heritage Initiative, a splinter group of white nationalist Identity Evropa.

Herbert said none of the men are members of the American Heritage Initiative, and that she doesn't believe it exists. Two of the men are members of a Christian organization called the American Heartland Institute, she said.

"Secretary Kobach isn't a racist, and obviously, the campaign will not tolerate racism," Herbert said. "It is baffling to me, a black woman who serves as Secretary of State Kris Kobach's spokeswoman, that so many in the media are digging up fake news when they should be investigating real stories."

Doesn't exist? Can't wait for all the nutbags to start using the Snuffleupagus defense when they get caught palling around with Nazis.

Here's what one of the men, Colin Gustin, said last year when chatting up his fellow Kansas College Republicans.

These people know they're not oppressed. They just hate white people and are jealous of us. They know they can bully us with the oppression stuff until they're granted EXTRA rights, because most have been brainwashed with disingenuous, weaponized, cherry picked history into white guilt. They won't stop until we grow a spine. The USA is the least racist country in the world. We have so much racial tension because we ALLOW and SUBSIDIZE tens of millions of people from other groups to come here.

He seems nice.

And it seems that Kansans got the memo that there's something deeply wrong and gross about their Secretary of State, who narrowly edged out sitting Governor Jeff Colyer in the GOP primary thanks to Trump's late endorsement. Currently, the polling is dead even between Kobach and totally normal human being and non-racist, nice lady Laura Kelly. Which should not happen In a state which Donald Trump won by 20 points. It's a weird year!

To paraphrase Florida's next governor, we're not sure what's in Kris Kobach's closet, but the racists seem pretty confident that it's a white hood. Come on, Kansas, Vote Blue! YOU CAN DO IT!

[The Guardian / Topeka Capital-Journal]

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