Labor Defeats Wisconsin Judge, Takes Over State Supreme Court

Labor Defeats Wisconsin Judge, Takes Over State Supreme Court

A recount is all but certain, yet an easy re-election for Wisconsin state supreme court justice Supreme Court Justice David Prosser turned into a victory for the liberals' choice, JoAnne Kloppenburg. It was the most expensiveSupreme Court election in the state's history, and all the millions from the Tea-Koch Party couldn't tip the race.

How sad are the Anti-Labor/Anti-American forces tonight? Very sad. Witness this special night-time editorial from the Wall Street Journal:

We believe the battle between public unions and taxpayers will define the next decade in most U.S. states, and this week the union empire struck back in Wisconsin. Big Labor went all-in to seek revenge against Governor Scott Walker's public union reforms, and they may have taken over the state Supreme Court in the bargain.

And this AP headline pretty much says it all: "Wisconsin voters send governor strong, angry message." Scott Walker, of course, dismissed the whole thing. And one day soon, he will be dismissed from the office of governor. [WSJ/MSNBC]


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