Lady Who Sexed Herman Cain For 13 Years Types About That

Lady Who Sexed Herman Cain For 13 Years Types About That

Back in two thousand diggity 'leven, there was this fella Herman Cain who nearly got himself a presidential nomination. He didn't care for that! All he wanted was a radio show, a teevee show, some more book deals -- the whole package. Thankfully a bunch of gals came forward and gave him an out by saying they either (a) had sex with him for a decade-plus and/or (b) were constantly sexually harassed by him in the workplace. Now the "sex with him for a decade-plus" lady has come forward towrite about this in the San Francisco newspaper

Here's part of Ginger White's account, "I Had An Affair With This Guy And Then What Does He Do, He Runs For President":

He told me he never felt this way before. Our connection was so strong, and he didn’t want tonight to be the last night for us. He pulled out his calendar and invited me to join him on a trip to West Palm Beach. He was traveling there within the next few weeks for a meeting and golf excursion with his board members. He told me he would take care of all the travel and expenses. He promised we’d have an amazing time together.

It was crazy. I barely knew this man. And he was married, too. But what can I say? He convinced me. There’s a reason Herman Cain commanded so much attention in his run for the presidency despite having so little actual experience. His wild combination of humor and unorthodox antics and risk-taking stunned me into going along with his impulsive plan. The man is seriously persuasive.

He kissed me passionately. A few days later, he called to tell me how thrilled he was that I’d be joining him. I couldn’t know then, but it was just the beginning – the beginning of many trips, many Fed Ex packages filled with cash, many visits, many dinners, many intimate nights, many phone calls and texts.

Your Wonkette wants to be Ginger White when it grows up.



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