Larry Klayman, In Perfectly Sane 'Obama Killing Whitey' Column, Outs Secret Meetings With Bob Woodward

Larry Klayman, In Perfectly Sane 'Obama Killing Whitey' Column, Outs Secret Meetings With Bob Woodward

Larry Klayman is an important attorney and figure on the Right. He founded Judicial Watch -- which in addition to suing Bill Clinton every time he sneezed, also sued the Bush administration over Dick Cheney's secret energy meetings. Then he did such abang-up job suing Rachel Maddow on behalf of Bradlee Dean, that he was forced to explain that the judge in the case (who laughed Klayman and Dean out of court) was biased because of her vagina or something. Well, Klayman, despite no longer being Dean's attorney of record, still likes being in the news, and sometimes he just has to make that news his very own self! Writing for the Alan Keyes project Renew America, Klayman invents the "news" that Muslim, foreign-born Obama, who was fraudulently elected "simply hates people of the white race," and he is trying to start a race war, and also make white people do reparations by making "the rich pay their fair share in taxes," and also he has "white slaves" like embarrassing butt-boy Jay Carney, and also "even the mainstream media" (in the form of Fox News) has realized how much Obama hates "Whitey." You really can't argue with that!

Then he gets into some gnarly Bob Woodward shit.

What kind of perfect sanity are you spewing today, Larry Klayman?

Particularly apparent since his last fraudulent election to the Office of the President in 2012, it has also become crystal clear that he simply hates people of the white race, even though he is one half white himself. During the campaign he constantly berated Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as the nominee of the rich, vowing to make the rich pay their fair share in taxes and other socio-economic forms of "reparations" during his second term. And, in just the last few months since his reelection, Obama and his Democrat enablers and lackeys in Congress have moved arrogantly and aggressively to make good on his promise – and he has done so with a vengeance. Obama's constant derogatory references to the "rich" are mostly just a "politically correct" euphemism for "whitey," just as attacks by anti-Semites, of which Obama is also one, frequently are leveled against Israel, in order to mask their hatred of the true target, Jews themselves. In short, making "whitey" pay his "fair share" has become a constant drum beat of Obama and his "white slaves" in The White House, like his embarrassing boy press secretary Jay Carney.

It's true. Jay Carney is embarrassing, and also a white slave.

That whites have come to believe that Obama truly hates them is becoming apparent even in the mainstream media. During a recent broadcast of Fox News' "The Five," former President George W. Bush's press secretary Dana Perino, a Washington establishment figure if their ever was one (she was appointed to the Board of Directors of government owned Voice of America), stated clearly that she believes that Obama does not like people like her. Bill O'Reilly has expressed similar sentiments of late, referring to Obama's dislike of "traditional Americans." While O'Reilly's comment was also racist and offensive (since what qualifies as a "traditional American" other than a white person?), it underscores how Obama is increasing stoking and provoking anger among whites with his attacks on them, economically and socially. But this media backlash against Obama's attacks on whites has not stopped with political commentators on Fox News, but has now extended to even the likes of the well respected liberal investigative journalist Bob Woodward.

Ah man, Larry Klayman had to take a perfectly fine column about Obama hating Whitey and race-warring Whitey and demanding reparations from Whitey, and muck the whole thing up by not realizing Bob Woodward is tarded. OH WAIT WHAT THE FUCK?

Indeed, after I triggered the Chinagate scandal at Judicial Watch in the late 1990's involving Bill and Hillary Clinton and their administration, Woodward was among the first to join the hunt and investigated and had published front page stories about this scandal which rivaled in seriousness "his" Watergate scandal. At Woodward's request, yours truly – a staunch conservative and major adversary to the Clintons – even met secretly with him at the time in a dark area of Billy Martin's Tavern in Georgetown (near Woodward 's townhouse), as he wanted to know what "we had" on the Clintons and their illegal dealings with communist China, which had been lining Bonnie's and Clyde's 1996 reelection campaign coffers with bribes. In short, Woodward, while left of political center, is an honest and fair man, a real professional who investigates and reports the news with minimum bias, particularly in today's world of extreme partisanship in the media.

So Bob Woodward was getting leads from Larry Klayman.

Bang bang, Bob Woodward. Fall down now. You're dead.

[RenewAmerica, via RightWingWatch]

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