Larry Klayman Will Help Bundy Ranch Militia Heroes To Second Amendment All Over Obama's Face


We do not think we've yet had occasion to talk about Larry Klayman in the year of our lord, 2014, which is weird because Klayman is always doing something stupid that is worth noticing. Perhaps he has been keeping a lower profile since his surprise court victory late last year where he overthrew the NSA because of activist judges. At least we think it was something like that. Anyway, nevermind. Larry is back and he's better than ever, telling us that the Bundy Ranch incident is our new Patrick Henry/Boston Tea Party/whatevs and now the people are gonna rise up and Second Amendment Obama right out of office.

Oh wait, we got that wrong. The first shot in the People's Glorious Overthrow of the Traitorous Blah Guy was fired by Larry Klayman, of course.

Oct. 13, 2013, was the day the first shots were fired in the New American Revolution. This occurred when yours truly, joined by fellow tea partiers Gov. Sarah Palin and Sens. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, spoke before a crowd of angry patriots who had gathered in front of the World War II Memorial to protest having been prevented from entering this hallowed ground for military veterans by the Obama-run U.S. Park Service during the government shutdown. Following the speeches and protests, hordes of these angry patriots, myself included, marched across the rainy and cold landscape of our “capital of corruption,” Washington, D.C., to congregate in front of the now tarnished and defiled Pennsylvania Avenue gates of the White House -- whose current inhabitant is a fraudulently elected president who primarily favors socialists, atheists, Muslims and others from the far left and, as a self-proclaimed king, does not represent all Americans as he promised when elected.

Does Larry Klayman go on to spend one million words talking about how Larry Klayman has been the driving force, the George Washington, the tip of the spear of the People's Revolt against King Obama? OF COURSE HE DOES. Larry Klayman is kind of a big deal, even if he does say so himself. Anyway, now the Glorious Revolution is continuing apace, because the rifle-stroking wannabe militia patriots at the Bundy Ranch are following their hero Larry Klayman into the streets to rise up against the greatest tyrannical force America has ever known: center-right moderate President Barack Obama who is actually a secret Muslin gay King in disguise.

If the events in Nevada over the last week or so are any indication, where brave patriots, exercising their Second Amendment rights, stood down the tyranny of Obama’s Bureau of Land Management on behalf of the Bundy family and their cattle ranch, then indeed full-scale revolution is now in full swing in both the courts and through armed men on horseback. Here, militias from throughout the nation converged, along with other brave citizens, to show the government that we simply will not take their “horse manure” anymore. As in the years leading up to 1776, when King George III had his redcoats break into our homes, steal our weapons of self-defense and other property, and rape and pillage the colonies in general, We the People will not stand by and submit to this modern-day despotism.

Isn't it cute that Larry Klayman will call for armed revolution and intimate that the death of the President would be no bad thing, but he still substitutes "horse manure" for "shit" when he makes his little threats? We're not sure about you guys, but we'd much rather be known as the people that swear a lot than the people that want to OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT WITH GUNS. Maybe that is just us.

Probably the most disturbing part of Larry Klayman's Big Fantasy Revolution World is his utter insistence that all the guns are going to be super necessary for self defense.

We the People have now risen up and we intend to remove you legally from office. This country belongs to us, not you. This land is our land! And, we will fight you will all legal means, including exercising our legitimate Second Amendment rights of self-defense, to end your tyranny and restore freedom to our shores!

Larry, no one is shooting at you. No one is even brandishing a gun near you. No one has threatened you with as much as a pocketknife. Last time we checked, it is not actually "self defense" to want to murder political leaders with guns because you are not in agreement with their policies vis-a-vis land management. But hey, what do we know. We're just a bunch of godless communists who will be first against the wall when Larry's revolution comes.



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