Late Sovereign Citizen Fake Doctor Did Surgeries In This Hoarder Trailer, FUNTIMES LOL Oh Wait Jesus Christ

Let's say it together: He seems nice.

A couple years back, the state of Nevada arrested a seriously creepy sovereign-citizen dude named Rick Van Thiel for doing some unlicensed doctorin', because he happened to know that the government has no right to say who's a real doctor and who's not. So Van Thiel set up shop in his house, where he also ran various other enterprises, such as being a “porn star, male escort and sex toy inventor,” and he got busy doing a brisk business in "natural" remedies and also surgeries, including "dozens of abortions, circumcisions, castrations, root canals, even cancer treatments." For some reason, the state didn't look kindly on this expression of individual liberty, and he was facing trial in January 2018 on some 30 charges, including practicing medicine without a license. But Friday, he committed suicide, hanging himself in his cell at the Clark County Detention Center.

Forbes writer and expert on all sorts of weirdass soveriegn citizen crazies JJ MacNab said on Twitter,

This guy was one of the creepiest sovereigns I've ever seen. He performed surgeries in a dirty trailer after learning how on YouTube.

Update: How could we have forgotten to include this detail? He did much of his doctoring in the nude, for "reasons."

She called attention to one of his several websites, where Van Thiel congratulated visitors for being "more than likely more enlightened and smarter than the masses. You are looking for solutions rather than lining up for toxic drugs and MDs that think they know your body better than you do."

Just to reassure folks that he wasn't up to anything freaky, he explained,

Its Only Natural operates privately (i.e. not open to the public), like a private church that worships optimum health in body, mind and consciousness instead of religion. We do NATURAL REMEDY RESEARCH for the purpose of increasing quality and span of life, one human being at a time.

As we noted when we wrote about his arrest, Van Thiel was willing to accept donations, too, at least in forms that he considered legitimate: "BIT Coin, Gold, Silver, Arms, Skilled Labor, medical supplies or other commodities that we find value in." And who wouldn't be reassured -- and likely dissuaded from suing! -- by this charming disclaimer:

Notice: For the purposes of this website the term "doctor" or "Doctor Rick" is a nick name and not intended to infer state sanction or Rockefeller drug pushing training.

Stupid cops and state authorities didn't even read the disclaimer, and arrested him anyway after neighbors noticed odd doings at his place, like the reinforced steel gate, the ubiquitous security cameras, and the strangers driving into the neighborhood and asking where the "Doctor's" house was. In a 2015 interview, he explained he knew exactly what he was doing because he trained himself to do lots of procedures by watching videos on YouTube:

"You don't watch one, you watch like 20 or 25 like I do," Van Thiel said. "Pretty close to anything you want to learn you can learn it off YouTube for free."

He also explained that he hadn't submitted to the oppressive government licensing process, so no court could convict him, because Sovereign Citizen Magic Words:

I work by private contract. This is not a public deal, this is not a deal between me you and the government this is just a deal between you and me. The courts actually have no jurisdiction over that[.]

You may find this awfully hard to believe, but Van Thiel was also a big supporter of the Bundys, visiting the ranch over the Easter 2015 weekend. He also claimed that in his trailer, he would happily deliver "Sovereign Babies," born free and clear without a birth certificate, meaning they were among the few Americans who were not government property. After his arrest, his underground practice also became a Hot Thing with the radical anti-abortion crowd, since obviously this weirdo operating out of a trailer is typical of the "abortion cartel." Despite all his considerable celebrity, on Friday Van Thiel apparently decided that rather than submitting to tyranny, he'd free himself of his contract with the material world.

And to think, he could have helped design Trumpcare.

So here is a video from a local TV station, titled without the least bit of sensationalism the "Trailer of Terror":

Sure, the place is a mess and Van Thiel was unlicensed, but look: He used mostly-sterile, individually-wrapped needles and other supplies, so that's at least a nod toward keeping his patients' safety in mind. Besides, just because the place looked like something out of Hoarders after he was arrested, doesn't mean that it was always that untidy -- we bet he at least moved the stuff off the padded tables before he had people lie on them.

A quick note on comments: Our commenting rules remain in effect. You don't have to say anything good about Van Thiel -- in fact, we'd worry a bit if you did -- and you certainly don't have to be sorry he's dead. You are, however, not allowed to wish anyone join him in death, or perseverate on how you wish he had been the personal physician of any political figures. Got it? besides, comments are not allowed at Wonkette.

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