Excess skin collection bucket Mike Huckabee has been having a ball ever since he discovered how devastatingly cheaply Taiwanese animators are able to computer visualize his conservative evangelical sex fantasies. Hislibrary of cartoon videos is so far is mostly fantasia flavors of "Reagan + Jesus kill black muggers and Nazis," which are all pretty typical, which means, eh, we probably saw this latest one coming, too: here is Mike Huckabee's "9/11 sex dream" video, which he will share with all of you under the nominal pretense of educating your children about what "really happened" in Real American history. So, Mike, what "really happened" on 9/11? Were they devil space grasshoppers attacking the Twin Towers? Nancy Pelosi's wigs? Let's watch:

No! It was dancing men in turbans with mysterious terrible Russian accents! (Actually, we don't know what accent the cartoon terrorists have. Anyone?)  OF COURSE, we always knew it was the Russians Turks French Mongols whatever: it is some shrieking guys George W. Bush killed when he and America won the war on terrorism, just like it said they would, in the Da Vinci Code.

[Learn Our History]


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