Badass Trans Lady Rock Star Burns Birth Certificate In North Carolina. Guess She Had To Pee.


Oh hey, Wonkerinos, are you there? Or are you still fighting in the comments section on Rebecca's Bernie piece? GET OVER HERE AND KUM-BA-YA WITH US, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS. We Are Family and It's A Family Affair and it's time to Come Together, because the fights happening in this Democratic primary will soon pass, and it will be OK again. See what we did there? We used song titles to make a point, because it's time for your Weekly Wonkette Dance Party, where we shuffle our iTunes and post the first 10 songs that randomly appear, and you dance TOGETHER, LIKE PEOPLE WHO LOVE EACH OTHER.

So let's start that off with this video of the amazing transgender rock star Laura Jane Grace, lead singer of Against Me!, burning her muh-fuckin' birth certificate on stage in Durham, North Carolina. She is protesting North Carolina's heinous HB2 law, and she's all, you wanna see my birth certificate? Yeah? Well it's on fire now. BYE BYE! Now can she please go to the ladies' room?

She looks so great!

OK, it is time to shuffle the Wheel of iTunes and OH LOOK, there is one of our favorite Against Me! songs in there. We promise we did not plan that, because you CAN'T PLAN WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HIT "SHUFFLE." We'll just assume this means Jesus blesses Laura Jane Grace and Wonkette. Here are your songs:

  1. Ani DiFranco - "Paradigm"
  2. Mamie Smith - "Crazy Blues"
  3. Against Me! - "Ache With Me"
  4. Regina Spektor - "On The Radio"
  5. Red Fang - "Reverse Thunder"
  6. Mungal & Nitin Sawhney - "Awake"
  7. The Young'uns - "You Can Close Your Eyes" (James Taylor cover)
  8. The Rolling Stones - "Gimme Shelter"
  9. Richard Marx - "Right Here Waiting"
  10. Presidents Of The United States Of America - "French Girl"

And here is your music:



And now you are all in the comments, and the Hillary supporters are saying ONE NICE THING about the Bernie Supporters, and vice-versa. And you are dancing!

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Evan Hurst

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