League Of The South President Not Worried That Blacks Might Oppose Secession, Since They Won't Be Allowed To Vote Anyway

League Of The South President Not Worried That Blacks Might Oppose Secession, Since They Won't Be Allowed To Vote Anyway

Well it seems that our oldfrenemies in the neo-Confederate League of the South had their big protest to save Southern womanhood from immigrant blackamoors or whatever a week or so back -- not surprisingly, it drew more counter-protesters than participants.* But they're still looking forward to the inevitable success of their Lost Cause, because, you see, the Federal Gummint is proving that so-called constitutional democracy just plain doesn't work. Heck, as League president Michael Hill tweeted just as the Great Big Government Shutdown was coming to an end,

"If the Constitution could 'save America,' it would have done so long ago. Get real."

Excellent call, Mr. Hill! And he knows just the right approach to fix things: Southern secession, and going "back to the Articles of Confederation." You know it's a great way to run a government, because just look at the name, it has "Confederate" right in it! And now that America is clearly falling apart, it's a terrific time to be a secessionist.

In another tweet -- it's worth looking at the whole conversation if you can stomach it -- Hill looks forward to the glorious day after Hell freezes over, and answers a question from supporter "Jimbo":

See? There's nothing racist about the League of the South, because Mike Hill will certainly allow the niggers to stay, as long as they don't stir up trouble. And don't you go thinking he uses that word himself; he just doesn't cotton to the PC tyranny of asking others not to use it. "Jimbo" raises a potential sticking point with the plan:

Well, you see, says Hill, this whole "voting rights for everyone" thing is pretty much played out anyway, don't you think?

We're really looking forward to finding out more about this "organic nationalism" that Mr. Hill thinks would make for the ideal government in his brand-new secessionist South. We wonder if they'll wear brown shirts?

*Also, since virtually every comment from a LOSer last time took umbrage at the photo, we repeat: the photo up top isn't a picture of a League of the South event. It is a picture of a bunch of idiots waving Confederate flags, which is apparently a completely different thing.

[Warren Throckmorton's blog / Twitter]

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