Neo-Nazis Have A New Drug, And It Is Tucker Carlson

On Wednesday, the media collective Unicorn Riot leaked several hundred thousand chat logs from the Identity Evropa Discord server, giving the world a nauseating glimpse into the secret online world of white supremacists. Evropa Discord is best known for tactics like posting creepy racist posters around campuses and attempting to infiltrate college Republican groups, the military, and the GOP itself.

The release contains more than 770,000 messages exchanged by group members, all of which have been helpfully compiled into a searchable database.

Notably, Identity Evropa also helped to organize the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, and you may recall the unfortunate time that the group's current leader, Patrick Casey, appeared on the Today Show in order to have quick chat about their sartorial choices and plans to infiltrate college campuses.

Founded in 2016 by convicted armed robber Nathan Damigo, Identity Evropa is a white supremacist/white separatist group that aims to act as a fifth column, pushing right-wing conservatives to embrace white separatist ideology with the intended goal of making America a 90% white country. Which, you know, is not happening. People of color are not going to just magically disappear or all move to different countries, along with allllllllll of the white people who don't want shit to do with groups like Identity Evropa just so these spoiled twerps can have their special homeland. They are more than welcome to leave if they want to, though I doubt any other country would want them either.

But that doesn't mean they're not going to try.

As Erin Corbett at Splinter, which received the dump ahead of time, reported on Wednesday, the chat logs reveal the group's intent to infiltrate the GOP by running for office in local elections.

Identity Evropa is also trying to influence conservatives to take up their beliefs through other means, and doing their best to support those media personalities and politicians they believe have white supremacist sympathies or whom they believe act as gateway drugs to their ideology.

Here is a brief list of the people that those participating in the Discord chat deemed "/our guy/" -- a term originating on 4chan meant to signify that someone is suspected to be ideologically in line with the community's core beliefs. In this case, it means whether or not they are gross white supremacists:

Paul Nehlen
Sam Hyde
Tucker Carlson
Eric Trump
Brett Kavanaugh
Corey Stewart
Donald Trump Jr.

The group is also very into Republican congressman and noted racist Steve King, and members were encouraged to show King their support after he got into a wee bit of trouble for wondering when "white nationalist" became a bad thing to be.

"I would encourage @everyone to make a donation, even if it's just $10, to Congressman Steve King's re-election campaign," another chat message reads. "Our opponents have turned their gaze upon him, and Conservative Inc has, predictably, abandoned him. We need to keep him in office. We need 100 Steve Kings in office. Call his office too and show your support."

But out of all the media figures and politicians Identity Evropa feels a kinship with, Tucker Carlson is the clear favorite. Steve King racked up 107 mentions, Ann Coulter got 145, Alex Jones managed 131 (though not all of them positive!), white supremacist YouTube personality Lauren Southern got 63, Stefan Molyneux got 211, Paul Nehlen got 85, Brett Kavanaugh got 292, and Richard Spencer got 143. But Tucker? Tucker got 751.

It's clear from the chat logs that the Identity Evropa gang considers Carlson the primary gateway drug to white supremacist beliefs. They hang on his every word, gasping collectively every time he repeats their talking points and often tweeting said talking points at him in hopes that he will pick them up.

"Tucker is doing more for our people than most of us ever could"

"I was extremely glad to see Tucker call out the cult off(sic) multiculturalism and diversity."

"As we continually win our thoughts will continually be reflected by people like Tucker Carlson and we will slowly be accepted as normal"

It's clear that this group sees Carlson -- who is also a favorite of neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer -- not only as a fellow traveler, but as someone who can and does spread their message far and wide. They share their hopes that people will start out listening to Carlson and then look into groups like theirs for the harder stuff. And they're not wrong. Carlson has been known to pick up white supremacist talking points and serve them up in a way that is perhaps more digestible for viewers who are not yet full-on Nazis. Several users point out the way that Carlson picked up on the false and racist narrative of white Boer farmers being "white genocided" in South Africa, and the way that Trump then repeated the lie.

In addition to their plans to infiltrate the GOP, many users talked about ways of radicalizing (or, in their lingo, "whitepilling") the "normies," often specifying the ways they themselves were drawn into the neo-Nazi lifestyle.

From user Kingfish:

To be entirely honest, I think taking a more populist or American Nationalist rhetoric would yield far more results. Rebranding and aligning ourselves with the Tucker Carlsons and the Anne Coulters will immediately get us more air time and relatively more positive media coverage. I think We would also increase our base significantly. Giving these Trump movement types who are really too edgy for Republicans but not wignats a home gives us places to grow and mold a movement. In all honesty and I mean this with great respect, I'm not sure how much passion such an academic term and concept like Identitarian means to a patriotic right wing American with tangible problems we can help Solve. We can be Identitarians and care about identity, but creating a movement based on identity doesn't do as much as acting on it. The Trump Movement is a pretty untapped grassroots resource we could tap into hard with a solid rebrand and slight transition of rhetoric.

User "real bogs" suggests editing their Wikipedia page to make it more "positive."

Folks, I realize Wikipedia is terrible but it is pretty powerful for search hits. Anyone want to help out with fixing the page to not be so blatantly biased against us?

Sourcing extensively will help. Wikipedia's web presence and use as a resource by others is terribly large and important. It's probably the number one way that people hear from us that are normies.

Fixing that to be mildly positive would be an enormous boon and a good way to recruit and improve our presence.

"With a group of IE members focusing on it we can take it back. The article definitely breaks a lot of Wiki's rules. For example every group according to Wikipedia is supposed to be identified in the way the group identifies itself. ADL criticisms should go in a different "Criticisms" section filled with words like "alleges" and "claims""

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot also felt this was a great idea.

Hey lads, here's an idea for cyber strike. Every time someone googles us, the very first thing they see is a hostile Wikipedia page about our group. I went to edit it, but new/unverified user edits have to be "approved". If we could get a group of people to become approved users, we would have the ability to fix the page whenever we wanted. This would make us much more approachable to normies. What do y'all think?

What these idiots are are referring to is the fact that Wikipedia correctly refers to Identity Evropa as a neo-Nazi white supremacist organization, instead of the stupid term "Identitarian" that they prefer to use and think sounds better. As you can see, they have tried this on multiple occasions, and failed.

For real...

Danimal876 suggests that Lauren Southern videos will turn all the lady normies on to white supremacy.

I know some women that would otherwise be normies had they not looked into Lauren Southern videos. She's doing great work and red pilling people we wouldn't be reaching otherwise. We'll be here, as a different piece on the chess board, for those that want to think deeper and take positive action.

"Think deeper."

User Sam Anderson set up a potential "pathway" to being "whitepilled" that -- surprise! -- includes Jordan Peterson. He's probably not wrong.

This is a huge whitepill. Speaking for myself at least. I think there is a pathway set up, ideologically from libertarianism or conservatism to the alt-right. Through people like Crowder, to Lauren Southern, to Sargon, to Jordan Peterson, and Faith Goldy, to us.

Shockingly enough, Trump is also considered a factor.

We're in a precarious time as a country. According to a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, membership in hate groups like Identity Evropa has risen 30 percent over the last four years, and online radicalization -- like the kind IE specializes in -- is becoming an increasingly big problem. And (again) they're not wrong, message boards like r/the_donald and people like Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson are absolutely making their stupid ideas more palatable than ever.

It's unlikely that Tucker Carlson is going to have some profound moment of realization in which he says to himself "Hey! Nazis think my views are awesome and that I am helping them in their recruitment efforts -- could that perhaps be a sign that my views are bad and that I should shut up?" He already knows that and he doesn't care, because he very clearly does share their views, or at least knows their views make for good ratings. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't call him out on that at every available opportunity.

[Unicorn Riot]

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