Left-Wing Nurse Knows Too Much About Ebola To Have Opinions About Ebola

Since Barack Obama stubbornly insists on listening to public health experts instead of Fox News, it's become quite clear that wingnuts' favored non-solution, a ban on travel from West Africa, isn't going to happen. Happily, a few governors figured out that even if they can't ban travel, they can impose a quarantine order on people who have been in West Africa, so now it's time to scoop up people with no Ebola symptoms and isolate them all for 21 days.

Turns out the first person swept up in New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's pointless quarantine, nurse Kaci Hickox, objected quite loudly to the idiocy of being quarantined when she's not sick and can't infect anyone. Imagine that! She wrote an article for the Dallas Morning News to explain precisely why quarantines of people who have no Ebola symptoms is a terrible idea: not only is it pointless, it will likely do harm since it may scare volunteers away from going to Africa to fight the disease where it truly is an epidemic.

Ah, but what was her REAL agenda, huh? It was time for the Kaci Hickox Truthers to come forward, and as Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs notes, the lead conspiracy theorizer was award-winning archmoron blogger Chuck C. Johnson (no relation), who revealed Sunday that Hickox was a "Left-Wing Democrat" and -- horror of horrors -- a Centers for Disease Control Employee!

Chuck C. Johnson claimed -- inaccurately, as it turned out -- that the Dallas Morning News had committed grave journalistic malpractice by failing to disclose "Kaci Hickox’s ties to the CDC." As if the CDC is a terrorist group or something. The CDC opposes quarantines and travel bans, and so does Hickox. What incredible bias! She probably believes in germ theory too!

Oh, and as the LGF piece notes, the Dallas Morning News article says, right in the introduction to the piece, that Hickox and one of the newspaper's staff writers worked together at the CDC. Seriously, it's right there in print:

Dr. Seema Yasmin, a Dallas Morning News staff writer, worked with Hickox as a disease detective with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With Yasmin’s help, Hickox wrote this first-person piece exclusively for the News.

Then again, it was in italics (and parentheses), so maybe award-winning archmoron blogger Chuck C. Johnson was one of those paste-eating kids who learned that parentheses indicate unimportant stuff, so during reading-aloud time, he always just skipped over parenthesized text (this is because he is a complete fucking moron).

Oh, and how about that "left-wing Democrat" claim? As evidence, Chuck C. Johnson says that she is a "registered Democrat," which should be evidence enough that she's "left-wing" because is there any other kind? He also used the Googles and found that in 2010, while in grad school at Johns Hopkins, Hickox was one of four co-signers of an editorial calling on the university to make new drugs available to impoverished countries at generic prices, with the radical far-left Marxist revolutionary claim that "as the leading recipient of federal research funding, our university has an obligation to ensure that public money translates to public good." You know, your basic Che Guevara stuff. That's what Johnson characterized as left-wing thought:

She co-wrote an anti-pharmaceutical industry op-ed for the Baltimore Sun and advocated against policies that would have developed life-saving drugs. Instead, she called on Johns Hopkins to make all discoveries accessible to the poor. In so arguing, she deprived drug companies of a market and therefore an incentive to develop drugs aimed at Third World populations.

Yep. Calling for licensing generic versions of drugs developed with public funds is advocating against life-saving drugs. Just like the Ebola vaccine that market forces have developed.

Once the idea that being employed by the CDC is controversial or disreputable spread, other wingnut blogs got in on the act. The Stupidest Man on the Internet, Jim Hoft (honestly, though, we're beginning to wonder if he's going to lose that title to award-winning archmoron blogger Chuck C. Johnson) was aghast to learn that Hickox had deleted her LinkedIn account, which "exposed" her "ties to the CDC," quoting the insane medical quackery blog Natural News on the COVER-UP and adding his own scary boldface:

Kaci’s LinkedIn.com profile, which described her links to the CDC, was scrubbed from the web earlier today, and even Google cache has strangely been cleared of her profile which previously detailed her ties to the CDC.

My god, even Google is in on it!!! Or maybe Google cache isn't especially useful for recovering deleted social media accounts. Still, someone is taking some pretty careful and suspicious steps to hide Kaci Hickox's ties to well-known Obama Government Front Organization the "Centers for Disease Control." Thank god the patriotic super-sleuths at the "Fire Andrea Mitchell" blog grabbed a screenshot!

What is she hiding??? We can't for the life of us imagine why Kaci Hickox might not want to share everything about her life with the Internet Howler Monkey Brigade, can you? Now all we need is for Michelle Malkin to send someone to look through the windows of Hickox's house and let us know whether she has granite countertops. The truth is out there, and any uppity nurse who dares question the wisdom of her being caged away just because she "doesn't have any symptoms" is going to have to be exposed as a selfish hateful leftist who is part of Obama's CDC plot to make us all die of Ebola.

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