Lefty Kansas Judicial Activists Join Corrupt Democratic Plan To Win Senate Race

The left-wing loons on the Kansas Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Democratic gadabout Chadwick J. Taylor should be allowed to withdraw from the state's three-way U.S. Senate race. Taylor, suffering from acute Democrat Humility Syndrome, was cruelly bullied by Harry Reid and his henchlady Sen. Claire McCaskill in a "corrupt bargain" to try to actually beat the unpopular Republican incumbent Pat Roberts of Virginia. Er, Kansas. Taylor selflessly stepped aside two weeks ago to allow independent candidate Greg Orman to utterly destroy Roberts (with votes) in a head-to-head matchup in November and send a non-Republican to represent Kansas in the Senate for the first time since the 1930s.

Like all liberals, Chad Taylor doesn't like to work, so he's totally cool with going back to doing nothing as Shawnee County district attorney. The real victim of the court's judicial activism is Kansas's Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who was definitely not using his office to engineer a more favorable race for Roberts by blocking the change -- only trying to keep Taylor from making the biggest mistake of his life, as Republicans are always looking out for Democrats to help them make smart career moves. Roberts campaign manager Corry Bliss joined Kris in denouncing the decision, not because it pretty much doomed his boss's chances for a fourth term in the Senate, but because it "disenfranchised" 65,000 Democratic primary voters, a group Team Roberts cares deeply about.

In a bow to Senators Claire McCaskill and Harry Reid, liberal activist Supreme Court justices have decided that if you voted in the Democrat Primary on August 5th, your vote does not matter, your voice does not matter, and you have no say in who should be on the ballot on Election Day. This is not only a travesty to Kansas voters, but it’s a travesty to the judicial system and our electoral process.

In the face of the court's unanimous ruling denying Kansans' right to have a Senate candidate's withdrawal letter written just so, Kris was in front of the cameras in short order to announce that Democrats were required to select a replacement candidate in the next eight days to meet his newly revised deadline for printing overseas ballots. Dave Helling from the Kansas City Startold Rachel Maddow on Thursday that he'd asked state Democrats if they had any plans to snap to and give Kris another name, and they were like, "Nah, we're good," and we're guessing they'll all be taking a long weekend and not answering their phones a lot if Kris Kobach is calling. Kansas Democrats, man! They are the laziest. Can't they even be bothered to run for the world's most deliberative body these days?

The "liberal activist" justices declined to address Kobach's argument that Democrats were not allowed to take their ballot line and go home, but Kris does not strike us as the type to be deterred by such things, so we will be watching to see if he follows through on his promise to "explore legal options" to try to save Pat Roberts's Senate seat by shoehorning a Democrat, any Democrat, onto the ballot in the coming week.

Kris Kobach's dedication to ensuring a rival party has a full slate of candidates is only the latest noble effort in his service to American democracy. On his way to the Kansas secretary of state's office, he stopped at the DOJ to help John Ashcroft develop shadowy human tracking systems, he sketchily suppressed voters before it was cool, and he even road-tripped to team up with Russell Pearce to write Arizona's "papers please" immigration law. In spite of his relentless pursuit of justice, his second term as secretary of state is in no way a done deal, since apparently having a flaming right-winger in charge of elections is not a runaway hit, even in Kansas. With the recent struggles of Kobach, Roberts, and Gov. Sam Brownback, it's looking like there could be a genuine Red State Republican Bloodbath in Kansas this fall.

With the closing of this Courtroom Drama chapter of the Roberts/Orman saga, we would be remiss if we did not share our newfound love for the video geeks working for the Kansas Supremes. There must be at least one graduate of the Wonket School of Technical Snark among their number, going by their livestream's frequent splitscreen reaction shots of Kris Kobach's attorneys while the justices reamed them during this week's oral arguments. If you are like us and are amused by seeing asshat conservalawyers collapse like ruined soufflés, then enjoy with our compliments.

[Kansas City Star / WIBW / Image via Kansans for Kobach]

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