Let Wonkette Baby Make You Smile Because Nothing Else Will

You need this. Trust us.

It is not often, or ever, that we are obligated to perform the public service of raising your spirits on a Monday. But alas and sigh groan grrr argh angry sad mad sounds, here we are. As the entire US of America appears to have gone completely cuckoo bananas crazy town with xenophobic bloodlust and pants-crapping because they are a-feared, all anew, of them scary foreigners who don't pray to Jebus, we present you with some pictures of the Wonkette Baby, what Editrix and Mr. Editrix made for themselves, and us, and all y'all.

We already know some of you heartless jerkazoids will fax us with your pagers to say, "Wahhhh, aren't there more important things that I personally happen to care about, that you should blog for me and my entertainment, for free?!?!" And rest assured, we are limbering up our deletin' fingers, because we already did that plenty for you today, and we don't wanna hear it. And if you are going to tell us you are also one of them a-feared and scared types, we do not wanna hear that neither. To review, this is our Official Wonkette Editorial Policy on Syrian Refugees.

(Spoiler: We are pro being good and decent human people, and we are anti not doing that.)

So here. Have some baby pictures, you're welcome.

Awww, look at her, all fashionista in her jacket. And unlike Jeb Bush, she already knows how do zippers work!

Yes, she is making a face at you. Yes, it's because of something you said.

Sad baby is sad. Or maybe just needs a diaper change. Or maybe she is lost deep in deep thoughts, like how she does.

Here she is, dancing with her daddy. AWWWWWWW.

Here she is, drinking beers with yr Kaili, at the Wonkette drinky thingy in Oakland. Nah, just kidding. Kaili didn't drink any beers.

And here is the whole Wonkette family, mama and papa and baby Wonkette. And now you feel maybe a little bit tinier more better, don't you? Yes, you do. We knew you would. Picture of Wonkette family removed because of Rebecca's issues with vanity. Have your Wonkette babby in a new Wonkette onesie (kitten -- no whip) instead!


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