Today, people are re-thinking same-sex marriage and moon bases, and selling off movie theaters. Wait, what? Is this the future? Where's my jetpack?

  • Same-sex marriage opposition has dropped significantly since the President spoke in favor of it. Oh, so if the President jumped off a cliff, would you too? [Washington Post]
  • A Chinese company buys AMC Entertainment Holdings (the movie theatre chain), whose previous owners include Bain Capital (heyo, Romney!) and the Carlyle Group (whatup, Bush Senior!). [MSNBC]
  • Japan and Russia are thinking of building bases on the moon. Newt! Look! There's still hope! [Tecca]
  • Republican policies are harshing on the military's campaign to use more renewable energy. So what's it going to be, Republicans: supporting the military or supporting fossil fuels? YOU MUST CHOOSE. [Grist]

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